Mytat announces plans to reach out to over 1.5 lakh aspirants by December 2021

Mytat is on course to transform the upskilling landscape by targeting outreach to over 1.5 lakh aspirants across the country by December 2021. It aims to establish a community that brings colleges, corporates, industry experts, and students under one platform for enhancing and upgrading skills accompanied by a complete learning cycle for the graduates, that includes career pathing as well. Mytat has assessed over 3 million candidates

Empanelled with apex bodies such as the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Sports & Fitness Sector Skill council, the platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based algorithms, which makes it one of a kind. Mytat has partnered with many leading companies to offer internships and apprenticeships to vocational education students and college students through their upskilling platform. There are more than 500 upskilling and training programs provided by over 200 training partners for the youngsters to choose from, hence helping the candidate to stay abreast & ready for any opportunity. Through their tie-ups with educational institutions, corporates, and industry experts accompanied by the various cognitive and skill development assessments, Mytat helps the youngsters to be market-ready and also acquaints them with the various job opportunities that are present within the market.

Vikram Kumar, Co-Founder of Mytat said, “Skill deficit has been a growing concern for India over the years & by the year 2030, India could be staring at a skill deficit north of 25 million. Several new-age job profiles such as Full Stack Engineer, Front End Engineer, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Back End Developer, etc. cannot find the required prospects due to the existing skill gap. At Mytat, our objective is to address this deficit with our online upskilling programs & internships, hence helping candidates to acquire in-demand skills at any time & any place.”

The Mytat platform consists of an elaborate database of tests that spans over a vast spectrum of conventional and emerging domains of learning and work. It articulates a specific plan for each student while focusing on the skill gap and imparts learning to enhance the chances of employability for every registered student/candidate. The platform provides a diverse set of assessments such as coding, psychometric, aptitude, tech/functional, video, fluency, etc accompanied by detailed certificates and audit trails making it effortless for the youngsters to have a check over the progress that they have made.

Mytat has been able to set up a unique platform that has already made a significant mark in a short period since its inception. It has worked with organizations such as Amazon, Sapient Nitro, Amdocs, Bank of America, etc, and continues to work with leading organizations such as HCL Technologies, Cognizant, Policy Bazaar, etc.

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