Mozilla announces four new updates for Firefox

With an aim to address the two critical Firefox vulnerabilities exploited by hackers, Mozilla has released four new updates. Mozilla has launched Firefox 97.0.2., Firefox ESR 91.6.1., Firefox for Android 97.3.0., and Focus 97.3.0, to address two serious zero-day flaws.

Firefox users have been recommended to update their browsers immediately.

The zero-days in question are described as “Use-after-free”, bugs which, when abused, crash the browser while giving the attacker the ability to run any commands without permission. That means a threat actor could potentially abuse the flaw to run malware, ransomware, or any other malicious code on the target endpoint.

How to update Firefox

By default, Firefox updates automatically. Users can check for updates at any time. The update in the browser if any gets downloaded automatically. You need to restart to install the updated version.

You need to click on the menu button at the right side of the Firefox toolbar, and select ‘Help’, and then ‘About Firefox’.

The Firefox will check for updates and, if an update is available, it will be downloaded automatically by default.

Click on ‘Restart’ to update Firefox after the download is complete.

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