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Mobile Premier League (MPL), one of the world’s leading mobile eSports platforms, has introduced Poker Academy jointly with some of India’s top poker professionals to help aspiring gamers hone their skills.

Poker, as a skill-based game, requires analytical thinking, knowledge of math, and a knack to read people. The Academy, through a series of unique content properties, aims to deconstruct all these aspects in an accessible manner and help aspiring poker players learn the techniques, and enhance their strategy and thinking while ensuring skill-based gameplay in the long term.

Mobile Premier League announces India Poker Festival

MPL also announced the launch of the India Poker Festival, an online event that would offer a best-in-class gaming experience to all kinds of poker players across different tournament formats. The 11-day event, from May 26th through June 5th, will see thousands of players from across the nation participating. MPL will also run contests, and discount offers on social media and provide free tickets for the tournament as prizes.

Poker is played by about 100 million individuals worldwide. Many new players have begun playing poker throughout the world as a result of technological developments that enable transparency and fair play, particularly in online poker on mobile applications. In recent years, the sport has drawn a large number of new participants in India. In addition, the number of competitions has grown. The Mind Sports Olympiad, which includes games like Bridge, Chess, and Scrabble, is a global tournament for games of mental talent and mind sports.

Commenting on the launch of MPL Poker Academy, Namratha Swamy, Country Head – India, MPL said, “Success in a game of poker is a product of hard work and skill. We strongly believe that with MPL Poker Academy and its myriad learning tools and features, we can create a conducive environment where people can learn from experts and connect with other like-minded players. Through this initiative, we also aim to clear any misconceptions that people have about the game.”

As part of the Academy, MPL will curate beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of content that cater to all types of gamers. Professional poker players such as Parth Jain, Dhaval Mudgal, Siddharth Karia, Aniruddha Joshi and others have joined hands with MPL to create short, snackable videos to make learning poker accessible to people. This includes commentary on the various aspects of poker including the structure of a game, best and worst hands, common poker mistakes and how to avoid them, setting financial limits, playing against different types of opponents, etc. to help people get started on their poker journey.

Commenting on the launch, Siddharth Karia, said, “Like in other competitive sports, developing strategies and executing them under pressure is what excites me the most about poker. I am excited about the Indian Poker Festival. I believe it will be a great platform for players to leverage their skills, compete against the best and earn recognition.”

Final Table Replay, a weekly video series, will see poker streamers walkthrough the final table live action of the biggest tournaments hosted on the MPL platform. This will help players view all cards on a poker table and learn along as experts analyze all the hands and the decisions taken by players during the game.

MPL Poker Academy is accessible to gamers on MPL’s app, social media platforms as well as well-known poker communities like India Poker Players’ Association (IPPA), Poker Guru, and Gutshot, among others.

Key highlights

  • Some of India’s top professional poker players and streamers like Dhaval Mudgal, Siddharth Karia, Parth Jain, Aniruddha Joshi and more will share lessons, tactics and tips to help emerging poker players master skills.
  • The brand also announced the launch of the India Poker Festival, one of the largest online poker tournaments in India, scheduled between May 26 and June 5.

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