Kia Announces ‘Kia CPO’, Certified Pre-Owned Car Business in India

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Kia is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world but one that is arguably the most popular in South Korea, which recently announced its pre-owned car business in India that has been certified.

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  • Kia announced the commencement of its certified pre-owned car business ‘Kia CPO
  • The company aims to provide a new age experience to customers.
  • Kia India will provide warranty coverage along with maintenance programme on pre-owned cars.

Kia CPO Car Business in Pipelines for Kia Automobiles

Kia Corporation is a name that anyone with even basic knowledge on automobiles would be aware of given that it is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in South Korea and the world in general, while it ranks second in its home country after Hyundai Motor Company, its parent company.

Kia corp

The automobile giant wants to spread its wings in India via ‘Kia CPO’, touted to be the company’s certified pre-owned car business that will be exclusive for Indian customers, as the company plans to commence the project soon.

Kia Corp recently clarified that it wants to provide the customers a new age experience with Kia CPO outlets, which will be in line with the new car buying experience in the country, where people will have the liberty to purchase, sell, and exchange pre-owned cars.

It’s been barely three years since the automobile company began its sales operations in India and now that it plans to start its certified pre-owned car business in the country, it has left everyone astonished as it makes Kia one of the fastest original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to do so.

This is the first step in which Kia India plans, through Kia CPO, to provide better services to its customers as it believes in following fair, transparent, and quick digital evaluation process so that the cars are sold at the right price.

For this, Kia Corp has introduced the Digital Revolution Mobile Application with scientific price suggestion and data price integration to make the job easier, although the age limit for all Kia cars is less than 5 years, along with 1km mileage, where it will undergo 175 point quality checks before being made available for market use.

Kia CPO Conclusion

To conclude, Kia Corp wants to spread its CPO business throughout India with more than 30 outlets by the end of 2022, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, among others.

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