iPhone 15 Pro Max Predicted to Lead Sales, Despite Production Challenges

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  • iPhone 15 Pro Max to potentially dominate with 40% of the model’s sales, driven by its exclusive periscope lens.
  • TrendForce projects an optimistic 80 million unit sale for the iPhone 15 range, a 6% boost from the iPhone 14 series.
  • Apple battles production challenges, including issues with 48MP sensors and the titanium-aluminum alloy frame.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is set to be a game-changer in Apple’s lineup this year, with market intelligence firm TrendForce predicting it to dominate 40% of the sales for this year’s iPhone models.

One of the significant pulls is the exclusive periscope lens, even with an expected price jump of $100 from the previous year’s Pro Max.

TrendForce is optimistic about the iPhone 15 range, forecasting a robust launch with a projected sale of 80 million units.

This represents a 6% hike compared to the iPhone 14 series. It’s worth noting that the iPhone 14 Pro faced supply constraints, leading to extended delivery times stretching into early 2023.

Balancing Production Challenges with Consumer Demand

While the Pro models are anticipated to outpace the base and Plus models, just like last year, they account for a projected 60% of the total sales.

Breaking it down, for every ten iPhone 15 units sold, the Pro Max is expected to make up four, the Pro two, and the remaining sales will be divided between the entry and Plus models.

However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Apple. The tech giant has encountered production hitches, notably with the 48MP sensors and issues related to the titanium-aluminum alloy frame.

But, as per TrendForce, Apple’s suppliers are on top of these challenges, and any problems associated with the Pro models are anticipated to be addressed promptly.

A New Era for Apple’s Flagship Model

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s anticipated success signifies a pivotal moment in Apple’s journey. As consumer preferences evolve, the emphasis seems to be shifting towards more advanced features and unique offerings.

The periscope lens is a testament to Apple’s commitment to innovation, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the smartphone industry.

Despite the price hike and production challenges, Apple’s ability to address issues head-on and maintain the trust of its vast consumer base speaks volumes about its resilience and brand loyalty.


Why is the iPhone 15 Pro Max projected to be more popular than other models?

The unique periscope lens, exclusive to the Pro Max, is believed to be the key driver of its demand, even considering a potential $100 price increase from its predecessor.

How does the predicted sale of the iPhone 15 range compare to the iPhone 14 series?

TrendForce predicts an 80 million unit sale for the iPhone 15 range, a 6% increase compared to the iPhone 14 lineup.

What production challenges has Apple faced with the iPhone 15 series?

Apple has faced hurdles, especially with the 48MP sensors and complications with the titanium-aluminum alloy frame. However, these issues are expected to be resolved swiftly.

How are sales expected to be distributed across the iPhone 15 models?

Of every ten iPhone 15 units sold, four are predicted to be the Pro Max, two the Pro, and the remaining four are divided between the Entry and Plus models.

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