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We always focus on delivering extremely good quality products that help our customers in their day-to-day lives: Said Mr. Akhilesh Chopra (Sales & Technology Director) in conversation with Divya Mohindroo about Bluei which is an Indian electronic accessories brand. 

“Blue I ” sounds techy, but we are more eager to know your thoughts behind this name ?

Since the initial stage of beginning this brand, we have had two segments which are CCTV cameras and mobile accessories, we wanted to choose a name that was unique and added meaning to both the segments. The ‘I’ in our name actually refers to the real eye, which depicts that our cameras always have an eye on you.

How has been the market experience for Blue i in India so far, in terms of high competition, market penetration, and local business conditions?

The experience has been great so far, as soon as you step into the market, there is a lot of learning you do on a daily basis which has been the same for us. We’re always on a mission to deliver high-quality, tech-driven products to our customers. Customer Satisfaction has always been our primary goal, since the beginning. Sometimes, there are challenges that come our way, but our goals keep us going through all of them.

Being an accessory provider, what is the true niche of your target segment of Indian consumers?

Our main target segment has been the customers who want high-quality, reliable products with good, not very over-the-top prices. We always focus on delivering extremely good quality products that help our customers in their day-to-day lives.


What’s so unique about “Blue I” at a time when there are a number of brands offering the accessories?

Bluei is a compressive mobile accessory and lifestyle gadgets brand, one highly unique thing about our brand is that our customers are always kept satisfied and made to feel heard, they can always rely on Bluei for high-quality products at competitive prices.

So amongst this range of different accessories, which one performs better in the market, and what is your plan for other products?

Our backbone is our charging segment, the in-house plant where mobile chargers, power banks, and data cables are manufactured is always focused on making the best quality products and giving diverse variety and options to the customers. High-end, latest technology products like voice chargers, Qualcomm chargers, etc. are tried to deliver to the customers at the best prices and obviously the best quality.

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Which platform yields maximum revenue for Blue i – online or offline?

Between the online and offline market, the offline market has turned to be more revenue generating for us. The simple reason is that the offline market gives us the opportunity to connect with the customer on face to face basis, which improves their experience and gives them an idea about the quality, making it easier to get convinced about the excellence of the brand.

India is a price-sensitive market, So as a growing tech brand, what’s your take on the “Price vs Quality” part when it comes to launching your products?

Price vs. Quality? Obviously, Quality, as I have mentioned, Customer satisfaction has been our primary goal. We always keep in mind that our products are available at very competitive prices and not once does our customer have in their minds that are paying extra instead he should feel that he is getting extra quality products at reasonable prices and should always be satisfied and relieved.


Being a growing tech accessory company, expansion of your market reach is a must, So, what is your ‘Go-to-Market Strategy’ for that?

Our ‘Go to Marketing- Strategy’ for expansion of the brand has been building a network. We are constantly developing our network by reaching out to people in different states. We recruit staff members for the positions like Area Sales Manager (ASM), Territory Sales Manager (TSM), and zonal Sales Manager (ZSM) who handle specific states, zones, and territories and build relations there. Apart from this, we meet people one on one and host dealer meets in different parts of India in order to connect with maximum people all over the country.

Is Blue i going to introduce any other new product segment in the future and if yes, then what will be that product?

Our latest launch has been the all-new Bluei smart watch – TORSO. This product is a result of our focus on building health and lifestyle gadgets that help consumers improve their lifestyles and work on their health. You can expect a lot of new products to launch soon in this criteria.

As a sales and technology director, what are the major challenges do you face while operating in India?

As the Sales and Technology, Director of the company, I always have an eye on the detailing of our products. I study every prospect of a product and need to reverse calculate as to which products will work best in the market, keeping in mind that the latest technology and high quality is being served because the consumers always want reliable products and one they can always count on.



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