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After some time, you could start to notice that your older iPhone is operating slowly, but these tricks might help even a sluggish iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 work quicker. Anytime your iPhone lags, you should save this article and refer to it. Here are seven little-known techniques you may use the next time you need to speed up your iPhone.

  1. Get alerted and improved your memory

I have software that swiftly frees up memory and speeds up my Mac. It turned out to be the forty dollars I’ve ever spent. But! On your iPhone, the App Store has comparable software that is free to download. Announcing Battery Saver. You can see how much memory you’ve used and how much free memory is still available in the app. It might save your life if your phone is sluggish. Throughout the testing of each method, I’ll also be keeping an eye on how much RAM I’m using to see whether it makes a discernible difference.

  • A big green button that reads “Boost Memory” is there. The software will put your iPhone in “ideal form” when you press that.
  • Before running the software, You possessed roughly 100 MB of memory available; now, You have nearly 1076 MB of free capacity, all in the space of two minutes.
  • The app is a fantastic method to keep track of how well the other phone performance tips are working for you.

How to Speed Up iPhone

  1. Use This Clear RAM with iPhone Restart Trick to Speed Up a Slow Phone

This differs from merely restarting or shutting down your iPhone. This is the precise technique to clean the RAM on your iPhone, for any reason. Follow the instructions in the article mentioned above for your specific iPhone model up until your screen goes black and then comes back on to complete this. As said in the tip above, shut any unneeded applications before attempting this advice because if you leave a lot of apps open, your iPhone will restart them when it reboots, using up a lot of memory. After that, I used this approach to free up roughly 120 MB more RAM, according to the Battery Saver app.

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