How To Remix Snaps On Snapchat In A Few Simple Steps

The popular instant messaging app with multiple features Snap Chat has been at the forefront as one of the most used messaging apps over the last couple of years. Snapchat continues to introduce great new features to keep users intact. The interactive features such as daily streaks keeps its users connected in using the app on a daily basis. A few days ago the app introduced the Remix feature.

The company till date has a net worth of $22.78B since its launch in 2016. The app has 493.7 million users worldwide and is the fourth largest social networks besides Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. 29.9% of the app’s users are from Asia. The app has gained a lot of users in India after the ban of Tik Tok.

What is Remix Snap Feature?

The new Remix Snap feature allows you the users to create new Snaps based their friends’ Snaps or even on their old Snaps. The app allows you to save your own Snap along with the original snap as it plays, the feature is much like the feature of TikTok’s Duets.

The new feature allows you to save and send replies to Snaps from other Snapchat users on Android and iPhone. The users can save remixes to your friend’s chat window, but you can’t upload your Snapchat remix yet. It is expected that  Snapchat will soon update this feature.

The interactive features such as daily streaks keeps its users connected in using the app on a daily basis.

Lets get started on how to use the new feature of Remixing the snaps. In order to remix a snap on snapchat follow the mentioned steps

Step 1 – Click on the Stories tab

Step 2 – Select the snap that you want to remix

Step 3 – Tap the three vertical dots icon in the top right.

Step 4 – Select on the remix snap option

Step 5 – Choose exclusive frames from the format menu at the left to spice matters up.

Step 6 – Edit your Snap as you normally would.

Step 7 – You can add GIFs or  choose from stickers from a wide array of collections, add filters to the snap.

Step 8 – Tap on  the Send icon to share your remixes to your friends.

To remix old snaps click on the  memories tab and  select a Snap. After selecting the snap follow the same steps as mentioned above. The point here is that you can’t save or share Snap Remixes that you create from your friends’ Snaps. Otherwise, you can save, share, and send mixes that you create with your own memories.

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