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The instant messaging app WhatsApp has become an integral part of communication globally. This app ensures fast, simple, secure messaging and call for free. Whether its family, friend, colleagues or business needs the Meta-owned messaging app WhatsApp has become a go to medium to connect with everyone.

Despite WhatsApp being the easiest communication medium, there are times when we feel like completely getting rid of the WhatsApp chats. However, deleting them from your smartphone will not be enough. To delete WhatsApp chats permanently you need to clear it out from the Google Drive backup. You must need to keep one thing in mind that after deleting backup from Google Drive you will not be able to retrieve them.

Deleting WhatsApp from the Google Drive will help you get some space as the Google Drive storage has now been capped to 15GB. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to disconnect WhatsApp chats from your Google backup.

Step 1: You need to open Google drive on your device as WhatsApp data is backed up on Goggle Drive. So, opening the Google drive is a must to delete the backup permanently.

Step 2: The next step is to tap on the 3 horizontal lines on the ”Search in Drive” tab located at the top of the app screen. Once you click on the horizontal lines, you will be able to view the new menu.

Step 3: Now, you need to click on the Backups option to get the dropdown menu. You will be able to see the WhatsApp backup. Now tap on the three dots on the right side. After clicking on the three dots you will be asked to choose between ‘Delete backup’ and ‘Turn off backup’.

Step 4: After selecting the ‘Delete backup’, a pop up will appear alerting you that backup of WhatsApp chat and media will be permanently deleted for the particular number. Here you will see a dialogue box and now you can choose between ‘delete and cancel’ to move ahead.

Step 5: If you have made up your mind, tap on ‘delete’ option to delete WhatsApp chat permanently. Likewise, you can select all the WhatsApp backup files on your drive and delete them permanently.

WhatsApp backup can be deleted by following the instructions below. The chat history backup files are saved in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/ folder. The folder cannot be opened outside of WhatsApp. A file manager is needed to delete these files.

You need to launch your File Manager and tap the WhatsApp folder, a list of all WhatsApp sub-folders will appear. Just tap and hold the databases file and Select Delete.

Last year, WhatsApp started rolled out its end-to-end encryption to WhatsApp chat backups n both Android and iOS platforms around the world. To create an end-to-end encrypted backup, make sure you are on the latest version of WhatsApp. Once you endure that, you need to open Settings, click on Chats followed by Chat Backups and End-to-End Encrypted Backup, and then follow the prompts to create one.

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