Google Wallet: All you need to know about the multipurpose app

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During the just concluded two-day Google IO event, US-based tech giant announced 100 things and one of them is introduction of Wallet App. According to the latest update, the new Wallet app will be coming soon in over 40 countries. Google has also confirmed that its users will be able to check the balance of transit passes and top up within Google Maps.

After Google Pay app, the US-based tech giant has announced the introduction of a new wallet app. The announcement was made during the two-day Google IO held on May 11-12.

What is Google Wallet App

As the name suggests, the app will basically be a digital wallet. It can be used to carry digital versions of the physical items that you usually carry around in your wallet or purse.

The introduction of digital wallet is another push toward the digital world. In a post-Covid world digital payment has become quite popular. Consumers have started preferring online payments for their purchase. Ordering food and buying daily stuffs through online platform have become preferred medium.

The search giant has confirmed that the new Wallet app can be used to store bank cards, for a faster and easy payment option. This will do away the need of carrying the credit/ debit cards everywhere and you can safely keep them at home.

In addition to bank cards, users will be able to store any sort of card. According to the Google, the new app will also get support for digital Ids in the future, which will make it easier for you to identify yourself without giving your phone as this will be done via NFC.

 The new Wallet app will be a breather for travelers as they can also save their boarding pass for a flight to this app. By saving the boarding pass in the app, passengers will be able to get notifications in case of delays or date changes. One can get alerts for concerts beforehand.

The tech-giant also says that the newly introduced add will work with other service provided by the Google. For instance, if Wallet users are boarding a bus to some place and they look up for directions in Google Maps, then they will also be able to see their transit card and balance alongside the route. So, in case they are running low on fare, then they can quickly tap on the card and add more.

Covid vaccine

In a post-pandemic world, carrying your Covid vaccination details has become a necessity as you are asked to produce your vaccination details before entering into a premise. Users can easily add the boarding or Covid vaccine card by following simple steps.

You just need to take a screenshot of them and then you will get an option to add to Google Wallet app. The company is assuring that they will take care of the private information of every individual. Besides, digital office and hotel keys can also be stored here.

Google has also confirmed that its Google Pay app will continue to be in service. Google Pay enables its users to send and receive money and make payment to the service providers. This app can also be used to make electricity payments, pay mobile recharge bills, and for other purposes. The app is available in countries like India, US, and Singapore.

In addition to Wallet app, Google announced 100 things at I/O 2022 including upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, powered by the next version of Google Tensor, addition of Google Assistant to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series. Among others are Pixel Buds Pro with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Buds will be available for pre-order on July 21.

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