Google to roll out new highly cited label to help users identify source of stories

In view of the fast spread of misinformation, tech companies have always been proactively looking for ways to address it. The menace of misinformation needs to be fought

To help users identify stories that have been frequently cited by other news organizations, Google has announced to roll out highly cited label soon on mobile in English for the US and will roll out globally in the coming weeks.

According to Nidhi Hebbar, product manager, Google, the launch is aimed to give users a simple way to find the most helpful or relevant information for a news story.

Hebbar informs that this label will appear on Top Stories. Users will be able to find it on anything from an interview, an announcement, a press release or a local news story, to an investigative article, to as long as other publishers indicate its relevance by linking to it.

“We’re particularly interested in the potential to elevate original reporting, making it even easier for people to discover and engage with the publishers and journalists whose work brings unique value to a story,” writes Hebbar.

Besides, search engine giant Google has also introduced tips to help users evaluate information online. On searches in English in the US, these notices will also include tips to help users evaluate information online – reminding them that they can check whether a source is trusted on a topic, or come back later when there’s more information available.

Tips feature

Tips feature has been introduced by the Google to help you find reminders once you come across any new information, like getting information about the author of a write up to get a sense of their credibility, or knowing the publication date to check the relevance of any article.

Why it is important

Google has designed its search algorithm to give priority to the most relevant and useful pages users based on their unique queries. However, it has been observed that many a times the most relevant and useful pages aren’t the source of original information, but they cite the pages that are.

With introduction of new features, Google wants to help know users about those pages.

The big picture

Misinformation tends to be most prevalent during breaking news events as the situation is developing and facts are still coming together.

To address the fake news and spread of misinformation, government and news organisations have come forward and set up their own fact check mechanism.

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