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There are so many forms of entertainment to look forward especially in this day and age but one that never lose their sheen are mobile games and they have taken things to a whole new level in the past decade or so as there are innumerable genres to choose from.

No matter how old they become, gaming aficionados never lose their rebellious streak or their love for casual games and none can understand it better than the 80s and 90s generation that have grown up on super Mario, Ninja Roberts, Swat Kats, Contra, and many others.

Almost every year there so many mobile games to look forward to that totally defy the portable genre and all of them have acquired iconic status with some of them being dubbed as masterpieces by gaming experts.

List of Games

Although action adventure ventures are quite popular, there are many that still prefer casual games and there are some that continue to be played despite being classified as casual.

Casual Games are quite popular but are not as adored as the bigger ones that have a lot of gore, sleaze, and violence in them but when you start learning about the casual games, you will find a relevant list of examples that have their own loyal fanbase.

Some of the important casual games that come to mind are as follows

One More Line

Gaming Ventures for Android and iOS

It has been termed ‘space disco’ where you have a vertical course through which you need to guide a small shape whilst making music and patterns. It is a venture that can be played both on your PC and laptop but if you want to involve multiple players, then you should get the Steam Version without further ado. This game is available on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC

The Battle Cats

Gaming Ventures for Android and iOS

This game is available on Android, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and involves cute looking cats. It is a typical classic tower defense game that involves aliens and zombies as antagonists that have to be taken head on by a huge variety of felines. Players have a 2D battlefield through which they can control their cats instead of a top-down battle format. On the surface level it might seem like a regular action adventure but Battle Cats is for those that enjoy casual game with a slew of cats.

I Love Hue

Gaming Ventures for Android and iOS

It is available on both Android and iOS where players have to make mosaics with the task of arranging coloured tiles to form a gradient, which is an excellent way to recognize colour differences that players can use to enhance their ability to do so. Its main aim is to create an environment free of stress and depression and is therefore perfect for those that are stressed out due to work pressure and are prone to anxiety attacks and depression.

Leap Day

Gaming Ventures for Android and iOS

Another good example if you want a typical casual game where you add a new level each day so that you don’t have to waste many valuable hours whilst playing through so many levels.


Gaming Ventures for Android and iOS

It is available on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC and is very reminiscent of Solitaire, of which it is considered an RPG version. Solitaire combines both elements to create a roguelike, deckbuilding experience and a must own for people that love to solve puzzles via riddles and is a good example of casual games.

Bloons Tower Defense 6

Gaming Ventures for Android and iOS

It came out way back in 2007 as a mere browser game but over the years it has attained a classic status and has launched many series. The sixth one came out in 2018 where you have monkeys placed around the map to shoot down balloons and they are quite powerful heroes so make sure to select them.


Gaming Ventures for Android and iOS

Now here is an adventure game that players fond of this genre can lap up where you have a grid full of enemies that you have to chain together in order to win, for which you will get many levels and craft new gear. Players have to earn grindstones by making the biggest chain and claim top level status.

Pocket World 3D

Pocket World 3D


Unfortunately, this is available only on Android, which means that other smartphone users will not be able to enjoy it. This one is a good find when it comes to casual games that involves architecture and lego where you have to complete intricate puzzles but with not within a timed zone so you can take your own sweet time before completing it. It is done by placing the give shapes in the designated area and create a complete building

Sumikko Gurashi: Our Puzzling Ways

Gaming Ventures for Android and iOS

Thankfully, this one is available for both Android and iOS users. It is based on Sumikko Gurashi, which translates to ‘life in the corner’ and involves a board that is shaped in the form of a honeycomb in which you have to match Sumikko, which is available in numerous colours

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