Fire-Boltt Armour and Fire-Boltt Strike Launched in India: Pricing, Specs, Features

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  • Fire-Boltt Armour offers a rugged design with an IP68 rating.

  • Fire-Boltt Strike features a 1.95-inch AMOLED display.

  • Both models support Bluetooth calling and health tracking.

  • Affordable pricing with diverse colour options available.

Fire-Boltt has recently launched two new smartwatches – the Fire-Boltt Armour and Fire-Boltt Strike – in the Indian market.

These launches come as a part of the brand’s ongoing expansion and follow its impressive 28 percent growth in Q3 of 2023, as reported by Counterpoint.

Fire-Boltt Armour and Fire-Boltt Strike: Pricing and Availability

Fire-Boltt Strike and Fire-Boltt Armour

The Fire-Boltt Armour smartwatch, available in multiple colors including Black, Camo Black, Green, Gold Black, and Silver Green, is introduced at an attractive introductory price of Rs 1,499.

Meanwhile, the Fire-Boltt Strike, offered in Black, Camo Black, Camo Green, Gold Black, and Orange, is priced at Rs 1,799.

Both smartwatches will be available for purchase through Amazon India and Fire-Boltt’s online store.

Fire-Boltt Armour and Fire-Boltt Strike: Key Specs

Fire-Boltt Armour

Fire-Boltt Armour
Fire-Boltt Armour Key Specs & Features
  • Display: 1.6-inch Always-on, 400×400 resolution, 600 nits brightness.

  • Battery: 600mAh, up to 8 days in classic mode, 5 days with Bluetooth calling.

  • Health Tracking: Comprehensive suite including SpO2, heart rate, and sleep tracking.

  • Durability: IP68 Dust and Water Resistance, rugged design with metal case.

  • Bluetooth Features: Bluetooth calling, contact sync, quick dial pad.

  • Extras: Voice Assistant support, motion gaming, smart notifications.

Fire-Boltt Strike

Fire-Boltt Strike
Fire-Boltt Strike Key Specs & Features
  • Display: 1.95-inch Always-on AMOLED, 410×502 resolution, 500 nits brightness.

  • Battery: Up to 8 days in classic mode, 5 days with Bluetooth calling.

  • Health Tracking: Advanced suite with 123 sports modes, SpO2, heart rate monitoring.

  • Durability: IP67 Dust and Water Resistance, rugged design.

  • Bluetooth Features: Bluetooth calling, quick dial pad, contact sync.

  • Extras: Voice Assistant, motion gaming, smart notifications, camera/music control.

Fire-Boltt Armour and Fire-Boltt Strike: Features

Fire-Boltt Armour and Fire-Boltt Strike: Features
Fire-Boltt Armour: Features

The Fire-Boltt Armour and Strike smartwatches come packed with features catering to a range of needs.

The Armour, targeted at those seeking a rugged device, is built with military-grade protection and a durable metal casing and glass.

It offers an array of health tracking options, including a unique female health tracker, and practical reminders like drinking water and sedentary alerts.

The device also supports multiple sports modes and has an impressive battery life, making it suitable for extended use.

Fire-Boltt Armour and Fire-Boltt Strike
Fire-Boltt Strike Bluetooth Calling

On the other hand, the Fire-Boltt Strike steps up with a slightly larger AMOLED display, offering crisp and bright visuals.

Its health suite is more extensive, boasting 123 sports modes for a more comprehensive fitness tracking experience.

Like the Armour, the Strike also features robust construction and IP67 dust and water resistance, ensuring durability.

Both watches support Bluetooth calling and sync contacts, enhancing their utility as everyday wearables.

Additionally, the inbuilt mic and speaker, along with voice assistant support, make these watches more than just time-tellers – they are complete smart assistants on your wrist.

Fire-Boltt Armour
Fire-Boltt Armour Colours


What sets the Fire-Boltt Armour apart in the smartwatch market?

The Fire-Boltt Armour is designed for durability and functionality, featuring a 1.6-inch Always-on display and IP68 dust and water resistance.

It’s ideal for those who need a rugged smartwatch, with a metal case and extensive health tracking features including SpO2 and heart rate monitoring.

How does the Fire-Boltt Strike enhance the user experience?

The Fire-Boltt Strike elevates the smartwatch experience with its larger 1.95-inch AMOLED display, offering clear and vibrant visuals.

It’s tailored for fitness enthusiasts with 123 sports modes and comprehensive health tracking. Its IP67 rating ensures durability for all kinds of environments.

What are the key features common to both Fire-Boltt Armour and Strike?

Both the Fire-Boltt Armour and Strike offer Bluetooth calling functionality, syncing with contacts for convenient communication.

They also include a voice assistant, smart notifications, and inbuilt mics and speakers, making them versatile for daily use beyond just fitness and health tracking.

Are the new Fire-Boltt smartwatches affordable and easily available?

Yes, Fire-Boltt has priced the Armour and Strike smartwatches competitively at Rs 1,499 and Rs 1,799 respectively, targeting the budget-conscious segment.

Available in various colors, they can be purchased through Amazon India and Fire-Boltt’s online store, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.

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