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It’s not been long since Instagram introduced reels to help creators engage more with their followers. Ever since TikTok got banned in India, Instagram is there for everyone. But creating viral reels is a matter of a lot of time and hard work. Also, making reels that go viral required binge-worthy content and a lot of research. But, this just doesn’t end here!

Instagram Reels are a hot trend now and even if you’re new to the concept, this is what helps you go viral all over. If you’re new to the concept, these are basically quick, interesting clips made up of one or multiple photos and videos. Chances that you’ve scrolled through them in your newsfeed are quite high. And the best part? You don’t have to be a huge or popular creator. Anybody can create them, regardless of their editing experience. So if you too want to make reels that actually go viral, here are top-7 tips. Check it out!

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Easy ways to create viral reels on Instagram

  • Remove watermarks
  • Use trending music
  • Make high-quality videos
  • Stay in community guidelines
  • Try closed captions
  • Shoot vertically and use your own reel cover
  • Do fun transitions

1. Remove Watermarks

To give your videos the best chances of performing well, we advise you to remove watermarks from the videos you want to upload. This could be watermarks of editing apps you’re using or other platforms where you’re making the videos.

Many Instagram users make the mistake of uploading videos with TikTok watermarks. Instagram’s algorithm can detect TikTok’s watermarks in videos. To increase the likelihood of your videos appearing in Instagram’s Explore section, remove any watermarks.

When you’re creating an Instagram Reel, look for songs that are popular and trending. If you know of a song that is trending and is likely to go viral online, use that song. If you can’t find a song like that, simply choose one that fits your theme.

Adding music to your Reels lets you keep up with trends while making you more discoverable on the platform. You can also be a part of fun challenges that Instagram releases from time to time.

3.  Make high-quality videos

The most successful Instagram Reels tend to be the ones that are professionally edited. That’s not always the case, but the most important difference between viral and non-viral Instagram Reels is the quality of the video.

A good quality video has two things: good lighting and high resolution. If you’re using your phone, make sure you have sufficient light. If you’re filming in an indoor setting, consider buying a ring light, which softens the shadows and makes for a better image.

Likewise, if you’re shooting outdoors, try to film during times of the day when there is less sunlight, or at least avoid filming directly in the sun.

4. Stay in community guidelines

This one is a no-brainer. If you don’t violate community guidelines through your posts, Reels, and stories, you have a better shot at going viral. Or else, you might face a temporary or permanent ban. Why risk getting into trouble?

Easy ways to create viral reels on Instagram

Respect intellectual property rights, don’t post anything related to nudity unless it’s for medical purposes and steer clear of terrorism, bigotry, organized crime, hate groups, or fake news. As a creator on Instagram, you should always be up-to-date with the Community Guidelines.

5. Try closed captions

Keep in mind that many Instagram users watch videos without sound, so providing captions or text will help them understand the content if there is no audio. This will also allow people who are hard of hearing to understand the video.

Influencers on Instagram can find it difficult to create captions that reflect the mood of the video or add necessary information; they may even omit captions altogether. However, when they make the extra effort, they make their Reels more discoverable while increasing engagement.

With video captions, users can search for keywords that appear in the captions, rather than being restricted to searching for hashtags or picture captions. This searchability helps make Reels go viral.

6. Shoot vertically and use your own reel cover

Video files can be uploaded either in a vertical or horizontal format, but it’s ideal to shoot and upload videos vertically since they will then take up the entire screen of the mobile device.

Creating a custom Reel cover image can also help your video stand out and pull users in to watch it. In addition to giving your Reels a distinct identity, custom covers can make your video more eye-catching when it is viewed as a thumbnail. Remember to create your cover in the same format that you’re shooting the video in.

7. Do fun transitions

If you want to stand out on Instagram and make your Reels look more professional, learn how to master transitions. You can use a variety of transitions to spice up your video, including the snap and cut/jump ones. To create these, you need to master two simple tools: the timer and the align tool.

To make a jump cut, you must first record or select several video clips. Then, you need to piece together the segments and align the frames.


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