Customer pain points are an integral part of the sales process, says Ajay Kumar Goel of Codestore Technologies

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What’s so unique about CodeStore at a time when there are a number of companies offering services for app development?

CodeStore has a distinctive way of offering services to clients. We serve our clients on the basis of their requirements and our analysis.

Once the client shares their full requirement, what we do is complete and thorough research or we can say deep analysis of their requirements to find out each and every possibility or scenario. After that, we present our findings in front of the client.

We actually do not deliver exactly what the client wants but a lot more than that, which is actually a great thing for their app to step foot in the market with a bucket full of functionalities

What is the size of the app market in India and where does CodeStore fit in driving businesses?

According to Statista, the total revenue size of the App market in India is projected to reach nearly US$1,662.00m in 2022.

Our company leverages its in-depth domain expertise in the IT industry and its deep contextual knowledge of its customers’ businesses to craft unique, high-quality, high-impact solutions designed to deliver differentiated business outcomes.

There’s a lot of talk going around no-code application development. Can you please tell us about the technicalities involved in it? How is it different from the conventional method?

A no-code framework is a programming platform that uses a visual development interface so that non-technical users can build applications by dragging and dropping software components to build a complete application. Users do not need previous coding experience to build applications using no-code. No-code app development limits what you can build. Also, no code is poorly scalable and has security issues which arrive due to lack of control.

Who are your target customers and what have been their responses?

Codestore is targeting to become a leading global provider of high-quality software development services delivering world-class software solutions to SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) focused on data analytics. With the arrival of new tech stacks, CodeStore is also becoming capable of adapting all new versions of tech stacks. According to our clients, CodeStore delivers robust software solutions in a timely manner. They understood the client’s specific needs well with a great command over the technologies they’ve used. Moreover, all of their concerns were addressed politely.

What are your pain points in dealing with the people/clients to make them understand the whole concept of app building, as many of the old-fashioned businessmen still hesitate in giving a digital makeover to their businesses?

Customer pain points are an integral part of the sales process. Without pain points, there would be no reason for customers to buy. There are a variety of approaches to identifying pain points as part of qualitative and quantitative research. Once we identify the customer’s pain points then we tend to solve them as well. As part of a business, our goal is to develop a solution that prospects will want to hear.

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What is your monetization model and what are the segments you offer to attract users?

We offer a very versatile business model so that our clients can hire an expert developer based on a fixed cost, T&M and monthly.

What according to you is going to be the future market trends for apps in India?

The market for mobile phones has already grown to an extent that trend analysts predict. The surge in the number of mobile users over the past few years has also led to massive growth in the mobile app industry. User demands and expectations will only grow as the technological revolution moves full steam ahead. From wearable tech to IoT, there’s a lot of new technology on the market that mobile apps need to keep pace with or risk falling behind.

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