Cadbury is Making Diwali 2022 Happier & Sweeter with It’s Latest #shopforshopless Campaign!

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Cadbury’s #shopforshopless campaign is garnering a lot of praise and rightly so! Diwali being one of the most celebrated festivals of the year unleashes the creative instinct of a lot of brands as they plan to benefit from increased public spending during this time of the year. And Cadbury has been at the forefront!

Cadbury, as a brand, has had a special place in every Indian’s life. The brand has always creatively positioned itself as the perfect gift on any occasion. However, in recent times, the brand has displayed a heartwarming sensitivity towards not just its customers but countrymen in general through its thoughtful campaigns. Whether it was the customised “Thank You” packaging in eight regional languages for the Covid warriors or the 2021 “Not Just A Cadbury Ad” last Diwali for local small businesses, Cadbury is leaving no stone unturned in making every occasion sweeter. The latest Diwali special Cadbury #shopforshopless campaign is also an extension of similar messaging.

We cannot discuss this year’s Cadbury campaign without paying a little bit of attention to its last year’s Diwali campaign. The “Not Just A Cadbury Ad” campaign, released in October 2021, featuring Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan was nationwide appreciated and received many accolades in the advertising awards season. The idea of “now you can have Shah Rukh Khan as Your Brand Ambassador” was an instant hit.

The 2021 campaign was designed keeping in mind the small town local businesses by giving them an opportunity to get their own customised ads featuring local stores. Cadbury manually mapped local businesses into a directory and programmed their advertisement in such a way that anyone watching would see a separate localized version of the same ad. With geo-targeting of the local business, there were hundreds and thousands of versions of the same ad for different regions. So, any watching the ad in Kashmir would get to see their local stories featured in the ad with the same tagging being different for a person watching the ad in Kanyakumari. The campaign was widely appreciated for the message of ensuring a Happy Diwali for every local business while pushing for localized purchases.

Cadbury campaign

This was undoubtedly one of the most creative and heartwarming uses of AI and machine learning in the modern-day advertisement industry.

With the success of its previous Diwali campaign, the industry was all eyes on how the chocolate brand is going to greet this Diwali. And let’s just, no one was disappointed.

The Cadbury Diwali 2022 campaign has gone one step ahead of last year and now sifted its focus onto supporting hawkers. The #shopsforshopless campaign is all about facilitating hundreds and thousands of shopless hawkers across the country to set up their own shops just with the help of scanning one QR code. The idea, as the brand mentions, is to give the power of technology to the hands of the community and empower them in self-reliance.

To achieve this, the brand is using the now widely recognised QR code technology. Customers purchasing the Cadbury celebrations pack this Diwali can now simply by scanning the QR code printed on the pack get to know all about their local hawkers. Cadbury has again manual gathered the data of local hawkers and marked them through a QR code. Customers would be able to get all the information about nearby hawkers and the products they sell.

The technology also builds a simple interface for the consumers purchasing a Cadbury celebrating pack where they can promote their local hawkers. Consumers, by scanning the QR code, can now even set up a small virtual shop for their local vendors. They can add useful details such as the hawker’s name, phone number, and the list of products they sell. Other customers can easily shop for these listed products from registered hawkers.

“We are not just in the business of storytelling, we want to engage consumers and get them to participate and be involved in what we are trying to say. It is actually a call to action to customers to actually participate and do their bits as well,” said Anil Viswanathan, the Vice President, Marketing of Mondelez India. Viswanathan also revealed how the brand has some other ideas for this Diwali as well but keeping the factor of continuity with the previous year’s campaign in mind, this idea was finalised.

A closer look at the last few campaigns by Cadbury very clearly states their intent. The brand is, with its message-orient campaigning, trying its best to build a thoughtful narrative around the idea of showing generosity for the past two years. And for the worth of its last two campaigns, it is not hard to notice that the idea behind its messaging is working.

Viswanathan also added, “Over the years, we have been building many chapters of generosity, whether it the generosity we were showing towards Covid warriors, or to say thank you to each other, or being generous to some people. It’s been a long journey.”

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Steps to Make Your Own Not Just a Cadbury Advertisement Video

Step 1: Visit to An exclusive website, Cadbury created to help local stores to create their ads

Step 2: The next step is entering the location which will get automatically detected and you don’t have to worry about fetching it.

Step 3: Now select the category of your business from the drop-down menu available on the screen

Step 4: Now for the final step, You’d have to enter basic information like Name, WhatsApp Number, Email ID and Age.

Step 5: Once you’re done filling out the specifics, click the “Get My Personalized Video” button to get your own Not Just a Cadbury Ad video!

Sounds simple, right? It actually is !

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