ATS SpaceMobile to build a broadband satellite system for mobiles

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Here is some important news for those mobile users who frequently face “no mobile network” or “no service” problem. ATS SpaceMobile Inc. is in the process of building the first and only space-based cellular broadband network accessible directly by standard mobile phones.

The company claims that a team of engineers and space scientists at ATS SpaceMobile is on a mission to eliminate the connectivity gaps faced by five billion mobile users today and finally bringing the broadband to the billions who remains unconnected.

The company inaugurated its UK headquarters in Space Park Leicester complex, where space and space-enabled technology changes the world for the better. It is £100 million research, innovation and manufacturing hub for space-related high-tech companies. In partnership with Vodafone, the company has unveiled its plants to launch the first phase of its space based mobile network in 2023. The company claims it to be a move that will transform coverage for the 49 largest countries in the equatorial region where it plans to launch an initial 20 LEO satellites.

The Managing Director of AST SpaceMobile UK, Steve Gibson, said, “Our Space Park Leicester office will have business development, engineering and regulatory team members working to support the progress and manufacturing of critical subsystems for the SpaceMobile constellation.”

The Commercial Director of the University of Leicester, Will Wells, said, “The University has a well-established record in applying satellite technology and space-derived data to solve real-world problems. We are delighted that AST SpaceMobile has chosen Space Park Leicester as the base for their exciting plans.”

In addition to the UK, ATS SpaceMobile operates from other global locations including a corporate headquarters and 85,000 square-foot satellite assembly, integrating and testing facility in Midland, Texas, as well as operations in College Park, Maryland, Spain and Israel.

The Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of ATS SpaceMobile, Scott Wisniewski, said, “The opening of ATS SpaceMobile’s UK headquarters marks an exciting expansion of our international footprint. Building our space-based cellular broadband network is truly a global effort, and our growing presence allows us to access the best talent from around the world.”

As per the reports, it is a satellite system that, in the words of Abel Avellan, SpaceMobile founder and chairman, “extend the networks of existing wireless providers” who act as partners and buy wholesale time on the satellite system which bounces the signal back down to the user’s host network when the usual terrestrial service is not available.

The unique thing with the SpaceMobile business model is that it doesn’t compete with Bezos or Musk. It just fills in any temporarily lost local link in the cellular broadband network using its own technology and essentially splitting the revenue with the host cell network. So it offers service on a wholesale model with participating cell networks, no direct billing and no fuss.

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