Apple Watch survives hours at sea after being lost for days; returned to owner in working condition after being found on Instagram

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* An Apple Watch was lost in the sea and was later recovered.
* As per the report, the Apple Watch was still in working condition.
* The company says Apple Watches can be submerged underwater.

There are several reports in the past that indicated how Apple Watch saved the lives of a number of people.

However, a new report has indicated that a lost Apple Watch survived for hours in the sea and was later returned to the owner in working condition.

According to a report by G1, Jefferson Rocha was on a schooner trip in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when he lost his Apple Watch at sea. He was fortunate enough to retrieve the watch later because of the Find My feature. However, it is not clear which Apple Watch model it was.

Lost Apple Watch retrieved from the sea

During a tour in Bzios, Rocha decided to go for a swim and lost his Apple Watch. The watch, he claims, detached from his wrist while he was underwater.

Rocha attempted to reclaim his Apple Watch, but it appeared impossible. So he went back to the schooner, and to his surprise, he could still monitor it at sea using the Find My app, but later it was switched off.

The following day, he received an alert from the Find My app indicating that the Apple Watch had been activated. He powered up Lost Mode and provided personal details so anyone who discovered the watch could contact him.

To his surprise, a 16-year-old girl messaged him on Instagram, saying she had discovered the lost Apple Watch.

Rocha found out that the watch was found by a 50-year-old diver, Benoni Antônio Filho, who takes care of a coral park and always looks for lost things to return them to their owners, the report said “We are happy because there are still good people in the world. I can only thank God that there are still honest, good-natured people like him and his family,” the man said.

How to locate a lost Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

* On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.
* After selecting All Watches, select My Watch.
* Next to your watch, tap the Info button; after that, tap Find My Apple Watch.
* To view your watch’s location on a map in the Find My app on your iPhone, tap it.
* Tap Play Sound if the map indicates that your Apple Watch is nearby.

Can an Apple Watch survive underwater?

Apple Watch

According to the company, all Apple Watch models released after the Series 2 are rated to be water resistant for a depth of 50 metres. The Apple Watch Ultra has a rating of 100 metres for its water resistance. Therefore, they can survive under the mentioned range.

FAQ’s on Lost Apple Watch

1) What’s the story of a Man losing his Apple Watch in the sea and recovering it days later?

Ans) As reported by GI ,Rocha decided to go for a swim during a tour in Búzios when he lost his Apple Watch. According to him, the watch detached itself from his wrist while underwater. “My watch fell into the water, came off my wrist and I just lost hope,” he said.

Rocha tried to get his Apple Watch back, but it seemed impossible. So he returned to the schooner and surprisingly, he was still able to track it at sea through the Find My app. “This watch has GPS, it’s water-resistant. But I didn’t know it was so resistant.”

Eventually, the Apple Watch died, and the man thought he would never see his smartwatch again.

The next day, Rocha received a notification from the Find My app showing that the Apple Watch had been turned on. He enabled Lost Mode and entered some of his personal information so that anyone who found the watch could contact him. To his surprise, a 16-year-old girl sent him a message on Instagram saying that she had found the Apple Watch.

“The daughter of the man who found the Apple Watch texted me and asked if I was in Búzios, that they had found the watch, and her father wanted to return it,” said Rocha. The watch was found by Benoni Antônio Filho, a 50-year-old diver who takes care of a coral park and always collects lost items to return them to their owners.

Filho told the report that he had no hope that the Apple Watch was still working. However, since his daughter also has an Apple Watch, he put it on the charger and waited. The Apple Watch turned on and showed the Find My app message.

“I asked my daughter to handle the return process so that she could learn about being honest,” the diver mentioned. The Apple Watch was safely returned to Rocha, who was surprised not only that the Apple Watch survived the sea but also by the honesty of the people who found it and returned it.

2) How deep can an Apple Watch stay underwater?

Ans) Since Apple Watch Series 2, every Apple Watch Model is fully water-resistant. According to Apple, the device has been tested to withstand up to 50 meters underwater.
For Apple Watch Ultra ,resistance level increases to 100 meters deep.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that Apple doesn’t cover water damage, even though you can use the Apple Watch to track activities like swimming and diving. You can find more details about the water resistance of the Apple Watch on Apples Website.

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