Apple Unleashes visionOS 2, Elevating Vision Pro’s Immersive Experiences

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  • visionOS 2 introduces a new virtual ultrawide Mac display for immersive experiences.
  • Transform photos into 3D spatial wonders with the updated Photos app.
  • Expanded travel mode now supports train journeys for seamless immersive experiences.
  • SharePlay and Spatial Personas enhance collaborative photo viewing.

Apple has unveiled visionOS 2, the highly anticipated update to the operating system powering its cutting-edge Vision Pro headset.

Scheduled for release later this year, visionOS 2 promises to introduce a host of compelling features, including enhanced virtual display capabilities, transformative photo experiences, and expanded travel mode support.

Reimagining Virtual Displays: Ultrawide Immersion Comes to Mac

New Ulra-wide monitor on Vision Pro

One of the standout additions in visionOS 2 is the revamped Mac virtual display feature.

Apple claims to have elevated the experience to an unprecedented level, offering the equivalent of two 4K displays with a new virtual ultrawide display option.

This cutting-edge feature promises to envelop users in an immersive, curved ultrawide display that stretches out before them, mimicking the experience of a physical curved ultrawide monitor – a long-awaited feature for many Vision Pro enthusiasts.

Transforming Photos into Spatial Wonders

visionOS 2 introduces a new virtual ultrawide Mac display for immersive experiences
visionOS 2 introduces a new virtual ultrawide Mac display for immersive experiences

Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences extends to the Photos app as well.

With visionOS 2, users will gain the ability to convert any image within the app into a spatial one, opening up a world of possibilities for exploring and interacting with their cherished memories in three-dimensional space.

Expanding Travel Mode’s Horizons

Cinematic mode on visionOS 2

Recognizing the diverse needs of its users, Apple has also addressed the Vision Pro’s travel mode in visionOS 2.

Previously limited to airplanes, the updated travel mode will now encompass train support, enabling users to seamlessly transition their immersive experiences across various modes of transportation.

Collaborative Experiences and Spatial Content Creation

New Collobarative effort with visionOS 2

Furthering its vision of seamless collaboration, visionOS 2 introduces SharePlay to the Photos app, enabling Vision Pro owners to share and experience their photo libraries together in real-time using Spatial Personas.

Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of spatial content creation is also evident, with the company announcing its first scripted immersive feature and Red Bull’s forthcoming immersive sports series.

Additionally, Canon’s upcoming spatial lens for the EOS R7, specifically designed for creating Vision Pro content, promises to empower creators with cutting-edge tools for capturing and crafting immersive experiences.

Global Expansion: Bringing Vision Pro to New Markets

Vision Pro's international release likely after WWDC in June.
Vision Pro’s international release likely after WWDC in June.

As Apple continues to refine and enhance the Vision Pro experience, the company is also expanding its reach globally.

Starting June 13th at 6PM PT, Apple will begin accepting pre-orders for the Vision Pro in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, with availability set for June 28th.

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK will follow suit, with pre-orders opening on June 28th at 5AM PT and the headset becoming available on July 12th.


What is the new virtual display feature in visionOS 2?

The new virtual display feature in visionOS 2 offers a virtual ultrawide display equivalent to two 4K monitors, providing users with an immersive and expansive viewing experience similar to a physical curved ultrawide monitor.

How does visionOS 2 enhance the Photos app?

visionOS 2 allows users to transform any photo into a spatial one, enabling them to explore and interact with their memories in three-dimensional space, enhancing the immersive experience.

What improvements have been made to the travel mode in visionOS 2?

The updated travel mode in visionOS 2 now supports both airplanes and trains, allowing users to maintain their immersive experiences seamlessly across different modes of transportation.

What is SharePlay in visionOS 2, and how does it work?

SharePlay in visionOS 2 enables real-time sharing and experiencing of photo libraries using Spatial Personas, which brings virtual representations of friends into the user’s physical space for a collaborative and immersive experience.

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