Anystr: A platform that brings local retailers closer to their customer’s requirement

In today’s time, with the advent of big retail, small shop owners are facing a significant challenge in keeping up with the increasing cost of business. Anystr is designed to help such local shop owners move onto a digital platform without having to require any additional skill to do so. Now, shop owners can simply download the Anystr application from the Play Store and sign up by uploading their shop documents directly on the app. Once the shop details are verified, Anystr field executive makes a visit to the shop for a full-day training session on using the app.


For a small shop owner, taking his shop online is a big challenge and Anystr addresses just that. With a plethora of features like inventory management, online payment facility, store management, store summary and more, this app is sure to enhance the shopkeepers’ revenue and mitigate cost and effort required for shop management. The application allows shop owners to book counter sale orders as well. Anystr aims to become a reliable CRM platform for these shop owners at a very nominal cost of just Rs 999 per month.


Onboarding – Sellers can sign up on the app directly by uploading relevant store and owner documents. This form is submitted to Anyster operations team who contact the store within 24-48 hours to expedite the onboarding process. The Anyster team follows a hand holding approach till the time the store is active with payment gateway integration, delivery support and much more.

Inventory management – Store owners can add local inventory of products from the app’s master catalogue of over 10000 products. Anyster plans to simplify this process further by enabling barcode scanning feature right from the store-owners’ mobile phone for inventory addition as well as selling.

Counter sale – This app now allows store owners to bring all orders on a single platform by handling even counter sale orders without the need of expensive POS systems/software.

Direct to store payment – Anystr routes customer payments directly to the store owners account by onboarding individual store owners on its partner payment gateway. No hassle of payment delays or credit cycle management.

Khata (coming soon) – This is a much-awaited feature which will enable local shops to manage all their customer Khatas online. Store owners will have the option to enable khata for particular customers allowing those customers to order up to a certain khata limit set by the store owner. Khata settlement can be done directly online by the customer.

Vernacular language support – The company will be rolling out Anystr in Hindi and Bangla while targeting 10+ vernacular languages by the end of this year.


Once a shop is active on the platform, customers can simply scan the QR code provided in each shop and place orders from the shop’s online store – even from the comfort of their homes. Order fulfillment is done by the store owner.

The app applies a purely user-centric approach with its primary target currently being small shop owners. Direct communication from several hundreds of such retailers has helped it in refining the product along the way.

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