Alexa can alert you about deals and discounts up to a day in advance

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With an aim to help customers save money while saving time, virtual assistant technology Alexa by Amazon has added a new feature that will notify Prime customers up to 24 hours in advance about specific discounts.

Through this feature, Amazon Prime members will be able to get the alerts when the products they have kept in their wish list or marked “saved for later,” in the shopping cart are on sale.

The feature is currently available to Amazon Prime members who own Echo smart speakers that are fourth generation or newer. The new feature is open for Amazon Prime customers in the US only.

How to turn it on

To activate it, open the Alexa app, select More > Settings > Notifications before tapping on Amazon Shopping. After activating it you can look for Shopping Recommendations and enable Deal Recommendations. Once enabled, Amazon’s Echo ring will turn yellow.

Amazon Glow

In another development, the US-based tech giant has also announced availability of Amazon Glow for all customers in the US. Amazon Glow offers visual arts activities, books, and immersive features that add magic to video calls and help build rich family connections.

Powered by Amazon Kids+ activities, the Amazon Glow combines elements of a game system, a children’s library, and an arts-and-crafts center with video chat and an interactive projected space.

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