5G will give rise to major job opportunities- TSSC 2022-23 Report

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The Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC), the Council responsible for skilling in telecom, launched a report on May 18, 2022, Wednesday, ‘Overview: Indian Telecom Market 2022-23’, charting out the areas of traction where the telecom industry would witness growth in the coming financial year. The report focuses on many areas talking about the upcoming technologies, and 5G is the one it discusses much.

Although the coverage of 5G networks is not advancing so fast, the popularity of 5G mobile phones is already in full swing. The technology is still to roll out in the Indian market, but the hype and potential that it has are really huge.

Here are a few facts that the TSSC report suggests for this upcoming advanced technology:

  • As per the report, at least 40 million smartphone customers in India could switch to the technology in the first year of implementation.
  • With 28%, the demand-supply gap for 5G stands in the top-3 in the economy followed by Cloud Computing and Web and Mobile Development

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  • The TSSC report also reveals that as of March 2022, there is a ready supply of 15,800 skilled workforces in India in the 5G industry as compared to the demand of23,800.

Expected growth in the 5G industry

Coming to the growth part for this advanced technology, the report does suggest some fascinating numbers. It also reveals that the potential is much higher than just some facts stated for it. It is not just the better speed, robust infrastructure, latency, and data generation only.

  • India has the biggest rise in intention to upgrade, with 67% of users expressing their intent to take up 5G once it is available, an increase of 14 percentage points over 2019.
  • 5G will account for roughly 39% of mobile subscriptions in India by the end of 2027, with around 500 million subscriptions.
  • Smartphone users in India are willing to pay 50% more for 5G plans bundled with digital services, versus just a 10% premium required for such connectivity.

5G to roll out massive job opportunities

As per the TSSC report, by the end of 2027, 5G coverage is expected to have reached about 75% of the population. Now, with ever-increasing digital connectivity, the demand for skilled manpower also rises. This also raises the latest job opportunities in the industry. However, 5G is at a different level.

5G will give rise to major job opportunities- TSSC 2022-23 Report

All the latest technology-based telecom employment is merely the tip of the iceberg. It is set to create opportunities in driverless cars, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), cloud computing, and smart gadgets under the Internet-of-Things and every next-generation wireless. Also, this is not the end! As 5G becomes more prevalent in India, more job openings will arise. With a slew of enterprises in India looking into various 5G use cases, recruiting could extend beyond traditional telecom end-users. Companies studying various components of the 5G value chain are anticipated to increase hiring in the coming months as well.

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