5G Speed Tested on 5G Networks in India; Reaches a Speed of 500Mbps

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The Indian Mobile Congress event took place in New Delhi on October 1, 2022, where 5G services were officially launched in India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and was attended by many dignitaries, most of which were the who’s who of the tech industry.

It was also an occasion where Airtel and Reliance Jio rolled out their 5G services, which was met with a standing ovation while Ookla, a web service that gives a free analysis of internet performance via Speedtest.

Speedtest is for testing the performance speed of 5G services and the recent Speedtest intelligence report has revealed that its speed is 500Mbps where it is expected to be much more than 4G LTE.

Ookla had conducted the 5G speed test prior to the 5G services’ launch on October 1 while telecom operators are continuing to gauge their speed and network as they expect more stability in both.

While some experts have voiced their doubts regarding 5G’s speed vis-à-vis 4G LTE, the Ookla reports claim that this is highly plausible under conditions like ideal network coverage and no network congestion.

Jio too had its own speed test done in New Delhi in June 2022 where it was found that it had a 600Mbps median download speed while the same for Airtel was 197.98Mbps.  The same report also claimed that nearly 89% of the people of India were ready to upgrade to 5G.

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Among the brands that are ready to switch to 5G include Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Sony, among others but it is the iPhone that is said to be more capable of handling 5G services as iPhone 12 is said to be the most popular 5G handset in the country.


5G services were launched with much fanfare as all the telecom companies are testing it out in numerous cities with Airtel alone accounting for 8 smart cities of India where it has successfully tested 5G network and found that it is perfect in most smartphones.

Other companies like Reliance Jio too are following suit so it can be said that things are going smooth, as of now, as there have been numerous 5G tests conducted in different parts of India.

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