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Power Bank

By On Sep 25,2012 11:53 am Email

Power Bank
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In this connected era, we are all extremely dependant on our smart devices to stay in touch with just about everyone. But even as devices have got smarter and faster, they have also started guzzling more in terms of battery juice.

The days when you could get by on recharging your phone a couple of time a week are history – it is a fair chance that you would need to recharge at least once a day if you really are a power user of your mobile device. And the more you are connected, the less you can afford to let your device be drained of battery.

Which is why a number of manufacturers have started coming out with portable charging options allowing users to recharge their devices even when there is no power outlet handy. One of these is Recharge+ which has released the Power Bank, a 2,600 mAh portable charger with a compact form factor that’s a mere 80 grammes light. It comes with a power button, with an LED light and a micro USB input port. On pressing the button, the LED shows the level of power the charger contains. The company claims the charger takes approximately 4 hours to charge and delivers idle discharging for up to 180 days. The device comes with a data cable for charging output which is compatible with all leading smartphone brands. Power Bank is priced at Rs 1,499 and will soon be available in the market at leading stores. A decent deal for those wanting power at their fingertips. Literally.

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