Xsolla Web Shop allows 700 payment gateways worldwide for in-app purchases

World’s leading video game commerce company Xsolla, which recently unveiled its flagship Xsolla Web Shop to help game developers grow their revenue by 40% and expand globally, has announced that it now accepts more than 700 local payment options worldwide to make it simpler for players to make purchases directly with their payment of choice. This assumes utmost significance in wake of Apple recently allowed developers to gather player contact information and use that information to contact those players to process payments outside of in-app purchases.

Continuing to offer more revenue opportunities for mobile game developers, Xsolla Web Shop lets developers host a white label store on own websites for purchasing of in-game items, virtual currencies, subscriptions, top up player accounts etc., all for only 5% per transaction.

“Xsolla anticipated this seismic shift earlier this year when we launched multiple products actively used by some of the world’s largest game companies,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. “We’ve now combined these products and learnings into an elegant new solution called Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games, designed to increase revenue for developers and help them build closer relationships with their players.”

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With Xsolla Web Shop, game developers can ensure huge operational savings over traditional in-app payment options and keep more revenue in their pockets. Sans any pyramid scheme, there is complete transparency between players and developers while the whole gaming experience becomes an engaging and interactive process.

Web Shop doesn’t require complicated back-end coding or extensive design work, and developers can get started immediately. The simple integration steps are outlined in Xsolla’s latest blog post. Once a web shop is live, developers can inform their players about the opportunity to make purchases online through several communication methods such as email, social media, newsletters, discord servers, and more.

Xsolla also provides a free ebook with further details, available here.

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