WhatsApp rolls out new features for iPhone users; details inside

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Pause and Resume Voice Recordings, Focus Mode to set your iPhone in DND mode and profile picture in the notification are the new features rolled out by the messaging app.

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has rolled out new features for iPhone users. The first of them is to pause and resume while recording voice messages.

“The ability to pause and resume voice recordings is finally available on WhatsApp Desktop beta. The feature is already enabled on iOS, and there is no news for Android, unfortunately,” reads a notification issued by WhatsApp.

With the launch of the Pause and Resume Voice Recordings Option, iPhone users will now be able to see a pause button while recording voice messages. The new feature enables users to listen to the voice note before sending it.

Focus mode to set your iPhone in DND mode

With the launch of Focus Mode, iPhone users who have updated to iOS 15 or above, can choose what notifications to receive. Focus mode allows you to put your iPhone in DND mode.

Profile photos in notifications

iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 15 or later versions will also be able to see the profile photo of the users who send the message to them.

Additionally, messaging app has also enabled the ability to contact WhatsApp Support right within the app. This feature was already enabled in the past but, due to unknown reasons, WhatsApp stopped providing support within the app. This feature is available for users who use the latest updates of WhatsApp.

A feature to animate heart emojis has been rolled out to iOS beta testers: all heart emojis are now animated, not only the red heart one.

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