Twitter tried hard, but Instagram is winner now

Meta-owned photo sharing app Instagram and microblogging site Twitter were engaged in a war of tweets recently over Instagram’s announcement to restart an update whereby you can now view your feed chronologically. Responding to Instagram’s announcement Twitter used a shady GIF.

Through this GIF, Twitter wanted to show how users are already able to switch between ‘Home tweets, and Latest tweets’ in chronological order. Twitter has added a sparkle icon on the top right corner to switch between home and latest tweets. However, Twitter’s move to instigate Instagram did not work out well with it.

Instagram may have done just that after a little exchange on Twitter saw the official Twitter Comms account get ratioed.`

In response to Twitter’s tweet, Instagram also responded with a screen shot of its ‘Edit’ option button available at the photo-sharing app. Twitter users have long had a gripe against the microblogging site over the non-existence of Edit button

To offer more choice and control over what users see in the photo-sharing app, ‘Following and Favorites’, two new chronological views, were introduced by the Instagram. To see newly introduced two chronological by Instagram on your Feed, you need to Tap “Instagram” on the top left of your app to choose between Favorites and Following.

With the help of Favorites and Following, Instagram users will be able to catch up on recent posts from the accounts they follow.

Other than Following and Favorites, Instagram also introducing Family Center and Parental Supervision Tools on Instagram.

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