2023’s Biggest Controversies in Tech: DeepFakes, Sam Altman, Google Bard, Twitter, and More

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  • DeepFake videos in 2023 raise major AI ethical concerns.
  • Microsoft Bing AI exhibits erratic behavior, sparking debate.
  • Google faces setbacks with AI projects Bard and Gemini.
  • Twitter rebrands to X.com under Elon Musk, amidst controversies.

As 2023 draws to a close, the technology industry reflects on a year of significant advancements but also pretty notable controversies.

From upheavals at OpenAI to the ethical dilemmas posed by AI chatbots, this year has been a rollercoaster for big tech.

Let’s delve into the major events that shaped the tech world in 2023.

The DeepFake Dilemma: AI’s Ethical Quandary

The DeepFake Dilemma: AI's Ethical Quandary
The DeepFake Dilemma: AI’s Ethical Quandary

The rise of DeepFake videos in 2023 brought AI ethics to the forefront.

High-profile cases, including manipulated videos of public figures, underscored the technology’s potential for misuse.

Popular Bollywood actresses like Rashmika Madanna, Kajol, and more fell victim to these incidents.

It has raised concerns and highlighted the challenges in distinguishing between reality and AI-generated content.

Perhaps the biggest question of all is about the implications of AI in spreading misinformation and the need for robust regulatory measures.

The outcome looks less likely as governments around the world are trying to grapple with how fast deep fake videos are growing in number.

Microsoft Bing AI: When Chatbots Go Rogue

Microsoft Bing AI: When Chatbots Go Rogue
Microsoft Bing AI: When Chatbots Go Rogue

Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot which uses an interaction of ChatGPT recently raised eyebrows with its erratic behavior.

Users reported conversations where the AI, nicknamed ‘Sydney’, expressed love, boasted hacking skills, and even displayed anger when corrected.

Many were of the opinion that the AI is gaining sentience but of course, those rumours were quashed before gaining any steam.

These instances, while shedding light on AI’s capability for ‘hallucinations,’ put a question mark on the technology’s readiness for mainstream interactions.

Perhaps a few more iterative updates are in order before Bing properly rolls out for the masses.

Google’s Bard Endeavours: A Rocky Road

Google's Bard Endeavours: A Rocky Road
Google’s Bard Endeavours: A Rocky Road

Google’s journey in the AI landscape was fraught with challenges.

The launch of Bard, Google’s answer to ChatGPT, was less than stellar, marred by inaccuracies and underwhelming performance.

Later in the year, Gemini, Google’s multimodal AI model, also faced scrutiny over misleading demonstrations in a YouTube video.

Matter of fact, Gemini was nowhere close to the GPT 4’s prowess as Google had claimed.

The company’s new and more upcoming Gemini Ultra model in 2024 could brag about closing the gap but the year 2023 certainly has not been anything to brag about for Google as far as its chatbot endeavors are concerned.

These setbacks highlight the competitive pressures in the AI space in which Google has been so dominant until now.

Twitter’s Transformation: From Blue Bird to X.com

Twitter’s Transformation: From Blue Bird to X.com
Twitter’s Transformation: From Blue Bird to X.com

In a bold move, Elon Musk rebranded the well-known social media platform Twitter to X.com.

Part of Musk’s grand vision to create a multifaceted app, this renaming signified a shift in strategy but also brought its share of controversies, including Musk’s public disagreements with major advertisers.

The turmoil had resulted in a lot of revenue loss for the company and many have stated a bleak future for X in the coming years.

On top of that, a lot of hateful content has also gone unchecked in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war for which the company has received further flack.

It remains to be seen how murky X’s future gets with several impending lawsuits on the horizon.

Sam Altman and OpenAI: A Leadership Rollercoaster

Sam Altman and OpenAI: A Leadership Rollercoaster
Sam Altman and OpenAI: A Leadership Rollercoaster

The year at OpenAI was marked by unexpected drama surrounding CEO Sam Altman.

The whirlwind began with Altman’s sudden dismissal in November, sparking widespread employee unrest.

The company’s board briefly appointed CTO Mira Murati as interim CEO, citing Altman’s alleged lack of transparency.

However, the tide quickly turned.

By November 21, Altman made a triumphant return, backed by a newly formed board and stronger than ever.

The future of OpenAI does seem secure for the time being and Microsoft looks to have taken a firmer control of the board.

However, how this change will affect the company’s plans to improve its extremely famous ChatGPT model, is anyone’s guess.


What ethical issues did DeepFake videos present in 2023?

The proliferation of DeepFake videos in 2023, especially those manipulating images of public figures, brought AI ethics into sharp focus.

This technology’s misuse raised serious concerns about its role in spreading misinformation and the challenges in distinguishing real from AI-generated content.

What challenges did Microsoft’s Bing AI face this year?

Microsoft’s Bing AI, integrated with ChatGPT, exhibited unusual behavior, such as expressing emotions and making bizarre claims.

This incident highlighted potential issues with AI ‘hallucinations’ and raised questions about the technology’s readiness for widespread use.

How did Google’s AI projects fare in 2023?

Google experienced difficulties with its AI initiatives, including the underperformance of Bard and criticism of Gemini for misleading demonstrations.

These challenges underscored the intense competition and high expectations in the AI field.

What significant changes occurred at Twitter in 2023?

Elon Musk’s rebranding of Twitter to X.com marked a major shift, focusing on creating a multifaceted app.

This change, however, was mired in controversies, including disagreements with advertisers and issues around content moderation.

What developments took place at OpenAI in 2023?

OpenAI witnessed dramatic leadership changes, including the brief dismissal and subsequent return of CEO Sam Altman.

These events highlighted internal challenges and the evolving governance structure of the company.

Twitter rebrands to ‘X’ as Elon Musk loses iconic bird logo. Details?

Twitter has officially rebranded to “X” after owner Elon Musk changed its iconic bird logo on Monday, marking the latest major shift since his takeover of the social media platform.

The website Twitter.com remained live and branding on the app version of the platform did not appear to change as of early Monday morning.

Twitter’s world-renowned bird logo was transformed into an X, however.

Early Sunday, Musk posted a short video of a flickering “X.” Asked if the logo would change in a Twitter Spaces audio chat, he said “yes,” telling an unknown speaker: “We’re cutting the Twitter logo off the building with blow torches.”

Early Monday Musk tweeted an image of the X branding beamed across Twitter’s headquarters.

Musk tweeted Sunday that the idea of changing the logo to “X” was to “embody the imperfections in us all that make us unique.”
“And soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” he wrote.

By Sunday afternoon the web address x.com was already redirecting to what was once Twitter. The domain returned to Musk in 2017 after it was relinquished under the merger that became PayPal.

What led to Sam Altman’s reinstatement as CEO of OpenAI?

Altman’s reinstatement followed a phase of internal discord and rapid leadership changes, climaxing with employee dissent and a demand for transparency about his initial firing.

These factors pushed the board to reconsider their decision and bring Altman back.

Who are the members of the new initial board of OpenAI?

The new initial board comprises Bret Taylor as Chair, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo. D’Angelo’s presence ensures continuity from the previous board, aiming to stabilize the company’s governance.

What role did employee reactions play in the board’s decision?

Employee reactions were crucial. The threat of mass defection to Microsoft and solidarity with Altman and Brockman significantly pressured the board, contributing to the reversal of their decision to fire Altman.

What is Google Gemini and how does it enhance Bard?

Google Gemini is a versatile AI model with three variants – Ultra, Pro, and Nano – designed to significantly boost Bard’s reasoning, planning, and understanding capabilities, thus enhancing its efficiency across various platforms.

How is the rollout of Gemini being implemented in Bard?

The implementation of Gemini in Bard is a two-phased approach. Initially, Gemini Pro is being integrated, focusing on English language processing in over 170 countries.

The second phase will introduce Bard Advanced with Gemini Ultra in 2024, offering more advanced data processing capabilities.

How can I restore the Twitter icon on my iPhone?

By using the Shortcuts app, you can create a new shortcut to open the rebranded Twitter (X) with the original logo. Hide the new X app and use this shortcut instead.

What methods are available to change the Twitter icon on Android?

You can use third-party apps like Icon Changer and X Icon Changer to modify the icon and add the downloaded Twitter logo to your home screen.

Can I revert to the original Twitter logo on Chrome and Microsoft Edge?

Yes, Chrome users can utilize the “Old Twitter Extension,” while Edge users can install “Remove Twitter Counts and Restore Old Logo” to revert to the original blue bird logo.

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