Sony Xperia 5 IV Speculated to be the First Smartphone of the Company

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Sony has had a great time in the past few years by rolling out some interesting devices that have met with a positive response. The company is all set to come out with brand new model of Xperia smartphones and whose details they will reveal on September 1, 2022.

It will be through a livestream on their official YouTube channel but the company hasn’t yet revealed exactly what kind of device it is although many people are speculating it to be Sony Xperia 5 IV smartphone, which also came out in the US Federal Communications Commission certification database.

Sony is collaborating with Cat Burns, a renowned musician for recording her latest music video on this new device so that it reaches the younger audience who are massive Burns fans and the device will catch their eye immediately.

There are no detailed features available on the device as of yet but it is speculated to be 155.74mm in height, and 67.1mm wide, while diagonally it will measure around 153.5mm, which implies that the device may have a 6.04 inch display screen.

We can only wait for further details from Sony in order to ascertain whether the above mentioned information is true. September 1 is the big day when Sony will reveal many things about the device.

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