Short video creators launch IndiaFightsCorona campaign to drive awareness on Covid-19 appropriate behavior

As the country is going through the merciless grip of the third wave of Covid-19, over 162 thousand of short video creators gathered on a short-video app Tiki and launched a campaign named IndiaFightsCorona with a series of hashtag challenges, such as #MaskUp and #CovidAwareness, which has gained over 903 million views to reiterate the importance of wearing a mask and following other Covid-19 appropriate behavior.

Aiming to pledge to take all safety measures and spread awareness among their followers for the public health cause, the creators on Tiki continue to launch more hashtags spontaneously. The #MaskUp hashtag, launched on January 6, 2022, has already generated 220 million views and the number does not cease to grow. Creators with various talents have been bringing to life the awareness and knowledge of Covid prevention in formats of infotainment, short drama, and even lip-sync while wearing a mask. In addition, a #CovidAwareness hashtag has also been crowded with talented creators and has generated 279 million views on Tiki, which underlines the impact of Covid and its different variations on the community and the need to stay alert.

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In addition to the creative and fun videos curated by thousands of creators which makes it delightful for the viewers, there are also doctors and health workers joining the campaigns on Tiki to bring their expertise for social good by creating videos of health knowledge during the lockdown.

Before Varsha put on her lab coat and shared Covid prevention knowledge after the 3rd wave of Covid swept across India, her fans would have only identified her as an influencer sharing lipsync or funny moments. Now she is proud to be remembered as Dr. Varsha who joins hands with other health workers to leverage Tiki to pass on knowledge and to build up public awareness. And she is just one of the 261 thousand users who have already created 1.1 million videos for the IndiaFightsCorona campaign on Tiki.

Covid prevention knowledge

“Taking appropriate measures and not letting the guard down is important to support the country’s fight against Covid-19. This requires us to work together, and do our part including encouraging others to follow Covid appropriate behavior. What I saw here on Tiki is people voluntarily participated in the move and that actually encouraged me a lot to do my role as a doctor and also an influencer when our nation encounters the 3rd wave,” said Varsha.

Tiki India said, “We appreciate doctors and health workers trying their best to fight Covid. We believe online is also frontline, and we’re eager to provide a platform for them to better reach out to the public with their expertise. As a platform that inspires sharing knowledge and fosters a connection between communities, we are glad to play our part in the cause by creating awareness around the importance of following utmost safety measures.”

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