Samsung all set to launch a double-folding smartphone this year

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The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, apart from being one of the first device makers to launch a foldable smartphone, also has the most number of foldable smartphones in the market. The company has been trying to improve the design with each iteration and now the brand is gearing up to launch a new phone.

According to some media reports, after launching smartphones with horizontal fold and vertical fold, the company is now planning to launch a new device with a double-folding design. There’s a possibility that the phone could be announced later this year.

Samsung had previously said that it will diversify its portfolio of foldable smartphones in the year 2021 as the company aims to make this category more accessible. Along with a double-folding design, Samsung is also expected to launch a Galaxy Z Fold Lite.

However, having said that Samsung won’t be the first smartphone maker to work on something like a double-folding design. TCL had showcased its double-folding concept smartphone about a year ago and Xiaomi is also reportedly working on the same.

There are two concept designs of the upcoming Samsung smartphone — one with screen bends in two opposite directions and another with sides folding backward and their edges meeting around the rear panel.

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