/OnePlus Band Review: Starts with a Bang

OnePlus Band Review: Starts with a Bang


OnePlus success in the smartphone market has led to the diversification of its products, meaning from just being a smartphone-centric company now it has moved into producing other gadgets as well. In recent times we have seen that the company has ventured into producing smart TV, Bluetooth headphones were already there, and now it has entered into producing wearables. The wearable which we are talking about is the OnePlus Band which we will be reviewing. This is the first product from OnePlus in the wearable segment.



The new OnePlus Band looks just like other fitness bands. It comes with an adjustable strap configuration in a single model. The dimensions of the fitness tracker and the strap are quite similar to other fitness trackers on the market, measuring 40.4×17.6×11.95 mm with a width of up to 21mm which feels very light on the wrist and the straps don’t irritate the skin when you sweat while exercising. With a basic clasp style, the strap features distinctive striated patterns along its length. It’s a shiny, pliant quality that causes the skin to feel good. The default color is black, but extra colored straps can be ordered by the customer. The two other color straps available are Navy and Tangerine Gray. By just pressing lightly, the key tracker can be popped in and out of the strap and the reason for this is that any time you decide to charge the band, you have to pull the tracker out. The tracker and the band are completely water-resistant with an IP68 rating that helps you to use the band even underwater when swimming.


The OnePlus Band has a 1.1-inch, 126×294 pixel AMOLED touchscreen display. Thanks to its self-emitting pixels, the display has bright, well-saturated colors, and completely deep blacks in terms of picture consistency. Also, in direct sunshine, the screen remains easily readable. The brightness level of the band can also be adjusted which you can opt for according to your brightness preference and the amount of battery power which you want to invest in the display. The OnePlus brand has no button, and the entire surface of the front is plain. There is no always-on display on the OnePlus Band. OnePlus does, however, provide one of the best wake detection displays. The display on the OnePlus Band lights up with the slightest turn of your wrist, unlike most other fitness trackers in this price category that require deliberate and dramatic arm gestures to light up their screens.


The new OnePlus Band comes with four main features which are fitness tracking, heart monitor, SpO2 monitor, and the sleep tracker. The band can track various activities like running, fat burn running, open-air walks, cycling, elliptical exercise, rowing, swimming, and many others. The heart monitoring constantly provides you the information about your heartbeat. The band has a built-in pulse oximeter that measures your peripheral oxygen saturation or SpO2 levels. The pulse oximeter is one such important feature that helps you keep a record of the oxygen level especially when you are hypoxic. OnePlus Band is also able to follow your sleep patterns, including your total length of sleep, deep sleep and light sleep, and your SpO2 levels during your sleep. The band can monitor various activities but it misses out on two sensors which are the menstrual cycle sensor and stress sensor. The lack of these two sensors make the band a little less appealing to the customers and place it behind its rival band which is Mi Band 5. All the data recorded can be seen on the OnePlus Health App. The health app allows you to make changes in the settings of the band like changing the watch faces. The new OnePlus band comes with 37 watch faces.

The band has other smart features as well which include controlling the music, taking pictures of your paired phone with the band. The band also allows you to set alarms. The notifications of your phone also pops-up on the display of the band as well.


The OnePlus Band comes with a 100mAh battery and claims to provide up to 14 days of battery life on a single charge but when we used the watch rigorously in its higher settings we were able to use the watch only for 7-8 days. However, if you use the watch in its moderate settings you will be able to use the watch for 12 days with a single charge.


The OnePlus Band effortlessly kicks start a new domain for the brand which is cluttered with various offerings from America’s Fitbit to the Chinese Xiaomi and Korea’s Samsung, and like the OnePlus smartphones, this band makes an impact on the first attempt. The band is suitable for the skin, offers a wide range of tracks, from the very demanding oxygen level to your steps, and heartbeat. The 37 watch faces make it fun to wear each day. The battery backup is great and can easily last during long tours without the worry of charge. The display is quite ambient and responsive as well. The ability to control smartphone notifications adds to its benefits. The OnePlus Band sells at Rs 2,499 which makes it an ideal fitness tracker-cum-watch in the market with the trust of OnePlus.

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