RAEGR launches Portable 6-Port USB Type-C Hub ‘Arc 2100’ with thunderbolt, wireless charging

When you travel frequently, there’s nothing like having lighter baggage. While there’s nothing much that can be done about your garments, all those gadget accessories, chargers and cables can be reduced. And RAEGR has just the multifunctional accessory that could reduce weight and increase space in your carry-on bag.

RAEGR is pleased to introduce the Arc 2100, a multifunctional USB Type-C hub that can help you reduce the wire clutter on your work desk.

Ajesh George, RAEGR MD said, “While travelling light is the need of the hour, reducing wire clutter and opting for smarter accessories is also equally important. RAEGR’s Arc 2100 is a single accessory that can do both tasks in style. Featuring up to 6 ports, and having the ability to simultaneously charge your laptop/Macbook or wirelessly top up your smartphone, the Arc 2100 is one of the smartest ways to organize your work desk. The Arc 2100 offers great convenience while incorporating the latest technologies required for today’s gadgets.”

The RAEGR Arc 2100 is an elegant-looking ultra-compact and extremely convenient charging station – cum – 6-port USB hub. It features a compact size that makes it highly portable and easy to carry. Featuring a USB Type-C input port, you can connect it to various devices to increase its functionality. For example, you could connect it to smartphones, tablets and laptops to gain access to USB pen drives, SD Cards and Micro SD cards while also can connect input devices such as keyboards and mice and having an audio out 3.5mm port too. And with all of them connected to a charger, you could also use it as a wireless charging dock for your smartphones and audio gear.

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The RAEGR Arc 2100 features a total of 6 ports, which include two USB 2.0 ports, a Thunderbolt 3.0 Port for high-speed charging of laptops, a 3.5mm audio port for external speakers or headphones, and a flashcard reader for SD and Micro SD cards. The faceplate of the Arc 2100 additionally features a 10W Qi-compatible wireless charging pad that can simultaneously charge compatible smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google and a few others.

The RAEGR Arc also focuses on safety and reliable features. It can protect your expensive laptops, tablets and smartphones from accidental damage. Its exclusive multi-functional intelligent protect technology protects your devices from overcharging, over-current, over-voltage, overheating, and short circuits, ensuring maximum safety.

The RAEGR Arc 2100 is made using high-quality ABS which is fireproof and fire-resistant apart from being durable and rugged for daily use. The Arc 210 is compatible with MacBook, iMac, Surface Pro, Surface, Notebooks, ThinkPad, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, MI and many more.

The RAEGR Arc 2100 6-Port USB Type-C with Thunderbolt (Metallic Grey) will be available for Rs 4,999 on Amazon, Flipkart and Tekkitake including a one-year warranty.

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