Plugo Count by PlayShifu – The fun way to learn maths and develop problem-solving skills

With an innovative technology approach, traditional mathematics has become interesting. PlayShifu’s Plugo Count is a STEM gaming kit that uses Augmented Reality to combine tactile and screen-based learning.

This fun learning system combines the physical and digital worlds by transforming your tablet or smartphone into a hands-on learning system and guides children through a series of story-based games using a mix of numbers and arithmetic operators. Plugo Count is appropriate for children between the age of 4 to 10 years.

Woven with jungle mysteries and space adventures, the maths challenges and word problems in the app are according to children’s age – ranging from sequences and odd/even to multiplication and division.

Plugo Count uses delightful stories, characters and voice overs to engage young minds for a longer duration, while building critical thinking, logical reasoning and analytical skills.

One needs to download the Plugo app before you can begin playing Plugo Count. A range of iOS and Android tablets and smartphones are supported. It’s priced at Rs 2,499.

Key Features:

  • 5 story-based games in the app
  • 250+ challenges and puzzles
  • Age-adaptive challenges, Pre-K to Grade 5
  • Skills: maths (+ – x /), problem-solving, logical reasoning, comprehension

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