OPPO rollable phone design with ‘invisible’ cameras leaked via patent image filings

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* OPPO files the rollable phone’s design patent at China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA)
* The patent images suggest the phone might come with an in-screen camera sensor.
* The rollable phone might come with a design that might expand in both directions.

After launching the OPPO Find N2 and OPPO Find N2 Flip, the Chinese giant is reportedly working on something big this time. The company has started prepping a new rollable phone, according to a report by industry sources citing the patent site CNIPA.

Rollable technology is fascinating considering the actual form factor changes with just one tap. LG a while ago innovated the tech with a smart TV and a phone, while Motorola showcased a new rollable phone at MWC 2023 this year.

The patent listing shows the complete design of the OPPO’s rollable phone, which suggests there could be an in-display front camera sensor. Check out the complete details.

OPPO Rollable Phone

OPPO rollable phone

The OPPO rollable phone has a typical candy bar design from the outlook. You can see the rear camera module on the back and an LED flash. The volume rocker and power buttons are on the right spine.

The front of the phone is flat with square edges. We don’t see the front camera sensor, which means it could be placed within the screen. The Type-C port and speaker grilles can be found at the bottom.

Now coming to the point, the rollable phone will probably expand from the right edge but there are chances, the device rolls from both sides and the screen expands in two directions since the screen is seen coming out in both ways.

There will be a specific touchpoint or task, which when enabled will expand the screen. Since the design is still in the patent stage, we’re not sure whether there will be a commercial phone with the same design.

The OPPO rollable phone is listed on China’s certification site China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). The patent was filed back in December 2021 and it was approved on April 14th this year.

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Faqs on Oppo

1) OPPO Rollable Phone -Everything we know till now ?

Ans) Recently, Oppo launched its foldable phones Find N2 and Find N2 Flip in the global market including India. At the same time, the company has gone a step ahead and started preparing for its rollable phone. The OPPO Rollable Phone has been listed on the Chinese patent site CNIPA and it looks quite stylish. Talking about the design of this rollable rollable phone of Oppo, initially it looks like a simple bar phone.

At the same time, you will not even see the rear camera in the back panel. When the phone is rolled, the triple rear camera emerges from the back side. Along with this, the display of the phone also becomes bigger. The most important thing can be said that with the screen being bigger than the front, the camera comes out openly from the back. By the way the camera is in the cover only. On the other hand, if you look at the front, the camera is not visible anywhere on the screen. In such a situation, we can expect that there will be an invisible selfie camera in the front as well.

Looking at the back panel of the phone, it can be guessed that this device rolls from both sides and the screen comes out big from both sides. But the best thing about this design is that the back panel is not separating directly from both sides, rather the company has tried to give a little new style to it, which makes it special. As far as ports and hardware buttons are concerned, it can be clearly seen that the volume rocker and power button are given on the side panel. At the bottom, you see the loudspeaker grill and the USB Type-C port.

This rollable phone of Oppo has been listed on China’s certification site China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). Although the patent for this was filed in December 2021, it has been approved on 14 April. After this it can be expected that the company can start more work on this design. The patent clearly states that this drawing patent filed by Oppo is for a mobile phone and the focus is on the design of the phone.

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