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Nothing is back with the latest Nothing Ear (Stick) but are they really worth it? Read along!

People are definitely intrigued by Nothing, a new tech-firm that makes headphones and telephones, and they want to buy them. The new wireless earphones from Nothing are called the Nothing Ear Stick. They are the third product that Nothing has produced. The new earbuds follow the straightforward design aesthetic that has been synonymous with the brand but this time around, the Nothing has made some significant adjustments.

From the exterior, the new Nothing Ear Stick has a beautiful looking design. It is more true to state that the earphones’ casing has been updated rather than the earbuds themselves. The housing for the Ear Stick is designed to resemble a tube of lipstick. Turning the bottom of the tube while maintaining the position of the top allows access to the earphones. Turning the lid in any direction allows the case to be opened and closed. However, there is a risk of contamination if the enclosure is not sealed fully.

The bottom of the case is made of clear plastic and has a red plastic module that carries the USB-C charging port. The top of the case is made of black plastic and has a transparent plastic cover. It’s close to a silver button that sticks out from the main body of the casing. Because of this change, you can now use the earbuds with your phone.

The fact that the shell is made of tubes means that it can stand on its own. When the container is kept on its side, there is a significantly greater chance that it will roll away.

For example, the Ear 1 case holds less than the other cases but is bigger overall and sticks out of your pocket more. This seems like something that would make travelling a lot less fun.

The new Ear Stick device has taken the place of the old Nothing Ear 1. The Ear 1 has a more traditional design and fits in the ear. The Ear Stick, on the other hand, used to have a design that only fit partially in the ear, like the AirPods. This means that they are outside of your ear canal instead of inside it. This doesn’t make much sense, especially when you think about how competitive things are today. We noticed that the design of the earbuds, which only covers half of the ear canal, made them uncomfortable to use when working out or jogging because they moved around too much in the ear canal.

Nothing Ear (Stick)

You can skip songs, turn up or down the volume, and call up your phone’s voice assistant by touching the touch sensor on the left and right earphones.

Turning on Bluetooth mode on your phone makes it easy to pair the new Nothing Ear Stick with your device as it comes with the SBC and AAC codecs. You can get to the earphones by pressing the device’s silver power button and by downloading the Nothing X app from the Play Store, you can improve the quality of your connection and how it works.

Nothing has also released a new version of the Nothing X app, which has undergone some cosmetic changes and now boasts a significantly expanded set of functionality. You can check how much power is still available in both the shell and the earphones by looking at the main screen. There are other choices available for the mode and controls of the equaliser. The equaliser on the Ear Stick comes with four different presets and a three-band bespoke EQ of its own. Keep in mind that there is no option to entirely disable the EQ, you will need to choose one of the available settings.

It seems illogical to switch to half-in-ear headphones after having used in-ear headphones for some time. The sound that is produced by the Ear Stick’s fundamental frequency is very crisp and resonant. It’s possible that the overall tone may come across as high and thin in tone at times since there isn’t enough bottom end. The amount of bass is also ordinary since it did not really stand out.

The sound quality of phone conversations is satisfactory since the new Nothing Ear Stick is equipped with a good microphone. It may be difficult for the earbuds to maintain voice clarity in busy environments, such as standing next to traffic.

Nothing Claims that Nothing Ear Stick is capable of continuously playing music for a period of seven hours. When we put it to test, a single charge allowed us to make use of it for between five and six hours. In addition, they also claim that a ten-minute charge can allow for two hours of gameplay. We found it to be accurate when we listened to music via the earbuds for around two hours while doing the test.

The Nothing Ear Stick has not been modified in any way, with the exception of the casing, which can now be opened and closed by spinning it. When compared to the designs offered by the other companies on the market, the half-in-ear style seems antiquated and dated. Despite the fact that there are fashionable earphones available to buy, you should wait for a better version to come out in the market.

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