Meta’s high-end Project Cambria VR headset showcased

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently shared a short demo video showcasing some of the capabilities of upcoming high-end virtual reality headset, Project Cambria.

In the video posted on Facebook and Instagram, Zuckerberg can be seen highlighting the upcoming headset’s ability to do high-resolution and full-color passthrough. Cambria is expected to be out later this year.

Cambria is among various other virtual reality headsets that Meta plans to introduce over the next several years. Mark Zuckerberg has given a first look at Meta’s Project Cambria virtual reality headset without actually showing it.

With the help of the headset, wearers can interact with virtual objects overlaid onto their real-life environments.

This is for the first time, Meta has shown the headset after it was revealed that Cambria would be a work-focused device, unlike the company’s Meta Quest (previously Oculus Quest) VR headset.

The minute-long video shows the device being used by Zuckerberg to play with a virtual pet similar to Pokémon GO’s augmented reality, browsing on a virtual computer, and working out with a virtual fitness trainer.

Meta CEO also confirmed the release of a software development tool called Presence Platform. This will allow developers to work on augmented reality experiences for use in Cambria.

The device will reportedly be one of four VR headsets released by Meta in the next two years, with two, including Cambria, being work focused and the others for games. However, any detail on later is yet to be revealed by the Meta.

Meta has been working on various tech developments. Earlier, the Company reportedly decided to create its own currency, called ‘Zuck Bucks’. The reported currency got named after Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

According to reports, Meta is considering implementing a centralised in-app currency system that will be shared throughout its different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Parent company of Facebook and Meta has been working on various technological developments. Recently, Zuckerberg announced that they would start testing digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its photo sharing app Instagram. Initially, the testing will be limited to select users in the US only.

According to the updates, select users will be able to see NFTs on their Instagram Feeds, Stories and in message. While there will also be a new NFT tab added to participating accounts, with a tick in a hexagon to indicate verified NFTs.

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