M3 MacBook Air Teardown Reveals Dual Storage Chips for Faster SSD Speeds

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  • M3 MacBook Air upgrades to dual 128GB storage chips, enhancing SSD speeds.
  • SSD write speeds increase by 33%, and read speeds by about 82%.
  • Interior design mirrors the M2 model, focusing improvements on performance.
  • 15-inch M3 MacBook Air model also features the dual-chip configuration.

iFixit’s recent disassembly of the 13-inch M3 MacBook Air, featuring a base model with 256GB storage, unveiled some noteworthy insights, particularly in the realm of storage configuration.

This latest iteration of the MacBook Air sports two 128GB flash storage chips, a significant shift from its predecessor.

This structural tweak has propelled the device into a new realm of SSD speed, marking an impressive improvement over the previous M2 model.

A Leap in Performance

M3 MacBook Air

The teardown has shown the introduction of dual storage chips in the M3 MacBook Air which is not just some minor upgrade; it’s a leap towards efficiency and speed.

In contrast to the single 256GB chip found in the M2 MacBook Air, the new configuration allows for simultaneous read and write operations across two chips.

The outcome is striking: SSD write speeds see a 33% boost, while read speeds soar by approximately 82%.

These enhancements not only bring the M3 model up to par with the M1 MacBook Air but, in some instances, push it to outperform its older sibling.

Apple’s decision to revert to a dual-chip setup for the base model could be seen as a response to the criticism faced over the M2’s single-chip design.

While the slower speeds of the M2 might not have impacted everyday tasks for the average user, the M3’s return to higher performance levels ensures that concerns over speed limitations are a thing of the past.

More Than Just Speed

M2 MacBook Air

Despite the spotlight on SSD speed enhancements, the teardown reveals that, internally, the M3 MacBook Air mirrors its M2 counterpart closely.

From the adhesive pull tabs on the battery cells to the layout of the logic board and trackpad, little has changed in the design blueprint.

This consistency is proof of Apple’s satisfaction with the internal architecture of the Air series, as the company has tuned its focus instead on fine-tuning performance aspects.

iFixit teardown look inside the M3 MacBook Air, not much has changed between the M2 MacBook Air and M3 MacBook Air.

iFixit’s CEO, Kyle Wiens, further noted that the 15-inch base model MacBook Air with the M3 chip also benefits from the dual 128GB storage chips.

This uniformity across models indicates a deliberate strategy by Apple to uplift the base storage speeds across its latest Air lineup.


What major change did iFixit find in the M3 MacBook Air?

iFixit’s teardown revealed the M3 MacBook Air features two 128GB flash storage chips, a significant improvement from the single chip in the M2 model, leading to faster SSD speeds.

How does the dual storage chip configuration affect SSD performance?

The dual-chip setup allows for simultaneous reading and writing, resulting in a 33% increase in write speeds and an 82% increase in read speeds compared to the M2 MacBook Air.

Are there any design changes in the M3 MacBook Air compared to the M2 model?

While the external design remains similar, the major change lies in the SSD configuration. The overall internal design, including the battery and logic board layout, remains consistent with the M2 model.

Why did Apple return to a dual-chip SSD setup for the M3 MacBook Air?

Apple likely returned to the dual-chip SSD setup in response to feedback about the slower speeds of the single-chip configuration in the M2 model, aiming to ensure higher performance levels.

Does the new dual storage chip configuration also apply to other MacBook Air models?

Yes, the 15-inch base model MacBook Air with the M3 chip also benefits from the dual 128GB storage chips, indicating Apple’s strategy to enhance base storage speeds across its lineup.

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