LG unveils OLED TV lineup in India, aims to increase footprint in premium TV segment

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South Korean consumer durable brand LG which made its entry into Indian market 25 years ago, has unveiled its premium TV range in the country. The consumer durable brand introduced its new range of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV lineup in an event held in New Delhi.

The launch is aimed to increase its footprint in India’s growing premium TV segment and offer a customizable viewing experience. The OLED TV price range starts from Rs 89990.
The 2022 OLED lineup introduces the widest range of OLED TVs, from the world’s biggest1 OLED 246 cm (97) extending to the world’s first 106 cm (42) OLED TV that is perfect for smaller room spaces and ideal for every gamer that seeks to be closer to the action. In addition to this, LG is also introducing the LD OLED evo in their C2 series.

The new lineup offers by the LG consists of the world’s widest range of OLED TVs, from 106 cm to 246 cm. These premium TVs will be available in stores in the country shortly. However, exact date is yet to be announced by the Company.

Rollable OLED TV

LG is also introducing a TV that rolls itself up and disappears from view when it is not needed. The Signature Rollable OLED TV has a flexible, rollable display. The addition of Rollabel OLED TV in its product lineup is attributed to LG’s OLED leadership. The signature Rollable OLED TV pushes the boundaries of engineering and user-centric design to enhance any space and complement any lifestyle. Brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan was also excited to see the magic of the LG’s Rollable TV during the launch event.

Full view, line view and zero view are three modes offered in the Rollable OLED TV. When the TV is completely unrolled from the base is called full view. Where users see controls for music and information about the weather is line view while kept in a “zero view” users will be able to see only the base of the TV. Rollable OLED TV is priced Rs7500000.

Commenting on the brands reach to the remotest part of India, Gary Kim, vice-president and head of Home Electronics, LG Electronics, emphasises on importance of partnership with retailers.

Gary Kim, vice-president and head of Home Electronics, LG Electronics
Gary Kim, vice-president and head of Home Electronics, LG Electronics

“We are expanding our network by partnering with local retailers such as Vijay Sales and others to ensure our availability at every nook and corner of the country,” says Kim while talking to My Mobile on the sidelines of the launch event.

This has been observed that the TV viewing habits of consumers have changed drastically in a post-pandemic world, says Abhiral Bhansali, LG TV Product Head.

Abhiral Bhansali
Abhiral Bhansali, LG TV Product Head

According to Bhansali, consumers are actively looking for advanced and holistic viewing experiences from the comfort of their homes, especially in a post-pandemic world. “Keeping consumers interest in mind, LG known for its pioneer and global leadership in OLED technology, has been constantly perfecting and elevating technology to meet the evolving needs. However, the rollable TV is not going to the mass-market very soon.
The futuristic rollable TV has been shown off by LG has at various tech shows for the past few years, with the global availability announced last year.

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