iOS 15.4 enable users to unlock their iPhone while wearing a mask- who can use this feature and more!

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Wearing masks has become a new reality for the past two years now. Due to the whole Pandemic situation arising in the world, masks have been an integral part of our identities, however, for the Apple users, they prevailed as the worst nightmare. iPhone works on the face unlocking feature, and due to the whole mask restrictions, it was difficult for the users to unlock their phone while on the move with their masks on. Therefore, Apple has managed to find a way around the problem of using FaceID while using masks. What is it? Let’s find out!

Face ID with mask on

Since the government is very strict with making masks a necessity before venturing out, this feature on iPhone has been awaited a lot. As many iPhone users prefer face unlocking rather than fingerprint unlocking, FaceID with a mask feature is the catch for every user.

Although an iPhone can be unlocked even with a mask on only if you have an apple watch. This new update removes the need for an Apple watch. Face ID with a mask works by recognizing the area around the eyes when the mask is on, not the most secure but convenient for sure. Unlike Face ID with the Apple Watch, the mask version works with Apple pay and can be used to authenticate third-party apps as well.

With this new update, Apple has also created a shortcut on the screen to enter the passcode immediately. The passcode option will appear on the screen as soon as you unlock the device, eliminating the time to wait or the FaceID to attempt unlocking unsuccessfully.

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Who can use this feature?

Unfortunately, if you have iPhone 11 or earlier, you will not find the Face ID with mask feature even after updating to iOS 15.4, nor will you have the option to toggle it on in the Settings app.

Face ID with the mask is limited to Apple’s newest iPhones, even though the face lock feature was introduced with the launch of the iPhone X. The new Face ID with mask feature only works on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Generations. Thus, you must have an ?iPhone 12?, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max or an iPhone 13 mini, 13 Pro, or 13 Pro Max to avail of this feature.

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