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To manage the increasing stress and promote mental wellness, Heartfulness Institute recently launched a free-to-use app – HeartinTune. This is a guided meditation app to support people in making meditation a daily habit. This unique meditation app encourages everyone to embark on an inner journey of self-growth that offers lasting transformation, and improved quality of life.

The app requires no prior experience and the people willing to try this can download the app from Google Play and Apple App Store. Based on anyone’s schedule, one can experience 15-minute, 30-minute, and 45-minute guided programs suited for everyone to cultivate the meditative habit. Heartfulness has culminated its 75 years strong legacy and research on the effectiveness of its practices; into this latest offering for beginners.

The users need to register themselves to access all the features and they will be all set to integrate meditation into their hectic routine. The app is designed to keep the user motivated to achieve new goals and track progress regularly. Its main USP is to help user to form habit of meditating on a regular basis.

While the app is currently available in English, soon it will be available in Indian regional languages too.


  • A ‘guided meditation’ app to support people in making meditation a daily habit
  • Beginners can meditate for as little as 15 to 30 or 45-minute guided sessions and experience the transformation
  • Enables users to set meditation goals and achieve them by taking small steps towards their inner journey
  • Helps to build the habit by enabling the user to set up a time for practice
  • Awards badges to stay motivated by signing up for goals, monitoring the progress, and earning milestone badges
  • Self-paced and simple evidence-based meditative practices for emotional well-being and mental fitness
  • Self-reflection via daily journal that records and organises user’s thoughts on the go to relieve stress and anxiety, increase focus, sleep well, and feel calm
  • Live meditation sessions with a live trainer anywhere in the world
  • Simplified UI and UX to ensure a convenient and rich experience for the users of the platform

Strong Suits

In an era when most wellness apps come at a price, HeartinTune comes for free with a plethora of features to keep you motivated in following meditation practice. It’s strong emphasis on taking up simple practice of meditation as a habit to practice daily.

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HeartinTune offers a smooth experience to the users and also the flexibility of meditating at your own pace and convenient time slots. The guided meditation also makes it easier for a new practitioner to cultivate the habit of meditation. Simply, a must-use app for the ones who want to start meditating!

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