Hacker sells 827 million LinkedIn profile data at the price of $7000: Report

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Social networking site, LinkedIn, recently made headlines when the personal information of 500 profiles was put up on sale on a hacker forum.

According to some media reports, a hacker was found selling 500 million LinkedIn user profiles on hacker forums and provided 2 million data samples at a price of about $2. One of the user of this forum revealed that he intends to sell these 500 million pieces of information for thousands of dollars.

But in fact, there may be more information circulating on similar forums. Another user of the aforementioned hacker forum asked for the sale of 827 million LinkedIn user profiles at a price of $7,000, claiming that there are more than 500 million items. However, the number of these materials has exceeded the scale of LinkedIn users (nearly 740 million people). So that there should be duplicate or outdated materials.

As per the report, the hacker packaged the data into 7 groups. In addition to the 500 million user data that should be the same as the previous hacker, there were other data packages labeled as global users and US users, totaling 327 million. However, these materials are not sold separately, but together in groups.

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