Google Pixel 7 Pro Leaked Via Unboxing Video

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Google is right up there with the likes of Apple and Samsung when it comes to churning out outstanding devices and the healthy competition that all tech giants have with each other has to be seen to be believed.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google smartphones have been a rage for quite some time that leave users and tech experts highly excited whenever a new device is ready to be launched and with the latest buzz doing the rounds, things are going to heat up.

Brief Summary

The grapevine is that Google Pixel 7 Pro pictures have been leaked again and while last time, the images were going viral on almost all social media platforms, this time the leak was due to an unboxing video of the same handset.

The video has revealed a lot regarding the device like the fact that it is in black colour with the ‘G’ logo of Google at the back of the panel and this isn’t the first time that this very flagship model has been leaked online as it has already happened with a hands-on-video leaked by a YouTuber.

An individual can be seen in the video who is turning on the phone while the official animation sequence of Google can be seen on the boot screen following which there is the device setup screen.

There is no further information available on the device other than the video that can be revealed to the public but Google has already announced at an I/O Event held in May 2022 that it will launch the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices very soon where they will be similar to the Pixel 6 series.

Then there is the Google Pixel Watch as well that will also come out very soon and people are waiting with bated breath for further information on the matter as to what all they can learn about it during the period.

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