Ginesys launches India’s first omichannel retailing suite Ginesys One

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Ginesys is one of the renowned technological solutions suppliers for the retail industry. It has many great launches and one of them is its latest Ginesys One. It is an innovative and complete omnichannel retailing suite. The Ginesys One system claims to enhance sales while streamlining retail operations, with everything from contemporary cloud-based POS to an integrated omnichannel platform, customised customer engagement to supply chain management, ERP to GST compliance. The Ginesys One suite is backed by a single support staff and built on current technology. It aims to future-proof a retailer’s business and help them navigate the ever-changing world of retail. Therefore, Ginesys One is the ultimate solution to save time, effort, and money on integration from the start while achieving multiple Omni use cases in a seamless manner.

Ginesys One suite: Features and specs

The Ginesys One suite, a first in the industry, combines functionality across all of the apps in the suite. A retailer using Ginesys One can thus achieve modern Omni-retail capabilities with minimal fuss. Like, buying online receiving in-store discounts, in-store suggestions based on online purchases and browsing, intelligent order routing, and more.

Also, as the system is retail-ready, retailers may go live 50 per cent faster than with other bespoke integrated products. The suite’s ads are available on a subscription basis. It also means that the complete suite has a 70 per cent faster time to return on investment than its worldwide counterparts.

Prashant Lohia, CEO and Founder, of Ginesys expressed his thoughts on the launch and says, “Our customer base has many fast-growing brands that have the potential to breach the SMB ceiling. With brands aspiring towards globalisation, and consumer behaviour changing due to the pandemic and e-commerce possibilities, retailers are quickly shifting from multichannel to omnichannel models. True omnichannel has remained a dream, so far, because of the friction visible among various products and solutions involved in the process.” “We are keen on realizing this dream by making the user experience seamless. Ginesys One, therefore, ensures common user management, master data management, common logging, customer support and a seamless UI for users. A Ginesys One relationship manager will focus on enabling the retailer’s success,” he says.

Ginesys One suite: Benefits to the retailers

The Ginesys One suite will offer retailers access to the following omnichannel apps-

  • Ginesys ERP and Business Intelligence: Ginesys One’s centrepiece is a complete retail ERP. It has features for dynamic decision making, merchandising, procurement, warehousing, accounting, and distribution.
  • Ginesys Desktop POS: It is a desktop-based solution that manages in-store billing and inventory.
  • Zwing Cloud POS: This is a web-based point-of-sale system that also works with Android mobile devices.
  • Browntape OMS: Order and inventory management for e-commerce, including integrations to all marketplaces and webstore systems.
  • Casa: It is multi-app customer loyalty, CRM, and lifecycle marketing package.
  • EaseMyGST: EaseMyGST is a GST programme that automates the creation of E-invoices, E-way bills, and GST returns.
  • Third-party integrations are supported: Various prominent retail tech tools, marketplaces, and e-commerce suites are also pre-integrated with the suite.

Ginesys is hoping that with the new suite of applications it will be able to drive retail transactions of up to 1 lakh crore annually.


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