Fenda Audio launches 40W PA924 portable multi-function karaoke party speaker

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When the festive season arrives, it means get-togethers and celebrations on every possible occasion. You can surprise your guests with your speaker system that turns into an instant karaoke machine or a DJ with the flick of a switch. With the Fenda Audio 40W portable multi-function karaoke party speaker – the PA924 – your house parties will be memorable forever.

The Fenda Audio PA924 is a simple, yet powerful audio system that is an all-in-one solution — a thunderous home theatre speaker, a personal music system, a party entertainer and a karaoke system. It features a large and robust enclosure that houses some of the latest technologies with a high-fidelity audio system. At the flick of a switch, it can replace your television’s soundbar to give you an immersive theatre-like audio performance right in your living room. It can also entertain your friends and family with a wireless microphone that turns it into a splendid karaoke system. And if you have enough room to dance, the speakers can also light up the dance floor with multi-colour lights that sync with the music rhythm.

The Fenda Audio PA924 features powerful twin 5.35-inch woofers and are paired with twin high-performance 2-inch tweeters. The drivers and the enclosure are designed and fine-tuned by Fenda’s audio engineers to ensure that you get the best audio performance. Deep bass, excellent vocals and crisp highs ensure the best audio experience. The enclosure is also made using fireproof plastic materials and a metal grille that protect the speakers from accidental damage. The two woofers are equipped with multi-colour RGB LEDs that will enhance the mood of party lovers on the floor. And lastly, the entire speaker is elegantly designed to add style and class to your living room with Red and Black colours that adds to its looks.

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The Fenda Audio PA924 has multiple inputs too. Apart from being a karaoke audio system or a soundbar for your TV, it also supports Bluetooth connectivity and USB inputs so you can listen to your music playlists at any time. Additionally, there’s also a stereo FM Radio so you can tune in to your favourite RJ anytime of the day.

And to make things even better, the Fenda Audio PA924 is also portable. Now you can take your music and party anywhere, anytime without the worry of being plugged in for power. The PA924 features an inbuilt rechargeable 12V 4.4Ah battery that can keep you entertained right through the night and still play some soft music for breakfast the next day. So be it your lawn party, a get together at home, a karaoke session on the society terrace, or that instant unplanned camping night with your friends, the Fenda Audio PA924 40W portable multi-function karaoke party speaker will make it some of the most memorable moments for you.

Pricing and Availability:

F&D PA924 has a MRP of INR 12,990 and is available on Amazon India and other leading online and offline stores at discounted prices, and is backed with a standard 12-months industry warranty.

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