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In Brief

A computer is an electronic device that is many things to many people. The masses view it as a mere entertainment gadget where you can play games and surf the internet in times of leisure while people with a fondness for tech and gadgets revere it like god as they feel it is their savior.

People who just want to watch YouTube videos or movies don’t bother exploring the computer like its history, how it functions, what all stuff is it made of, and so on as they are just not interested.

There are many people that are unaware of the Compact Processing Unit (CPU), motherboard, and all the hardware/software, etc. that their PC is equipped with, which makes it necessary that they should gain some knowledge.

To put it simply, CPU is the brain of the PC and other electronic devices, whose job is to handle anything that requires processing power and carries out calculations, which requires internal components that execute the string of stored instructions in a coordinated manner.

While purchasing a CPU, you need to know about things like core count, clock speed, type of socket, component support, etc. to name a few as it will help you increase confidence that you’re purchasing the right thing.

Intel and Advanced Macro Devices (AMD) are two important companies whose names you need to know when it comes to PC/CPU as both are the top guns that make desktop chips and notebooks, which is why they are called the top brass in the tech industry since many decades.

In order to run your Windows 11 or Linux Distro smoothly, you need a supported motherboard installed with an Intel or AMD CPU and with the advent of Ryzen, the two brands are virtually one as the new generation of processors are slowly taking over in terms of reliability, performance, and price.

Intel gives you Core and Xenon line of performance driven CPUs, along with Pentium, Celeron, and Atom families, at relatively affordable prices while with AMD, you get Ryzen and Threadripper.

In terms of performance, Intel Core i5-12600K is an excellent processor that avails customers 10 cores and 16 threads at less than $300 while AMD Ryzen 5 5600X falls in the mid-tier category, which is deemed perfect for gamers and those who look for a competent CPU.

Each company has multiple families of processors where each family has multiple models that all have different number of cores, speeds, and threads. Customers become confused as most of them have little idea on all the technicalities of CPUs and PCs so they need to be clear about sockets, chipsets, cores, and threads.


A socket is the interface due to which CPU is connected to the motherboard, which allows it to determine what all processors are supported by a motherboard because all CPU generations are created unequally like, for example, a 10th Gen Intel processor will not connect with a 12th Gen motherboard, but will work on a 11th Gen one.

It is because the contact pins have different sets of configurations as when a CPU is inserted into a socket, the pins transfer data to and from the mainboard where both Intel and AMD use a select number of pins.

A core is basically a CPU while multiple core processors are multiple CPUs fused together so that more data can be processed at any given time because sometimes the software coded to take advantage of this feature.


When it comes to picking the best CPU, you need to look at your current budget and requirements as different budgets match different requirements, which is why you need to thoroughly research about compact processors online to gauge which one offers enough powers and adeptness for your needs.

A good way is to consult your friends who are software experts as they will be able to tell you everything in simple language and help you out in purchasing the right CPU that matches your requirements.

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