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Killing the wait, the all-new Android 13 QPR1 beta is now inaugurated. The Android 13 QPR1 beta enters with style, and Google Play System Update for October 2022.

People are eagerly waiting for Android 13, but now Android 13 QPR1 beta has been released, which gives a variety of ideas for its upcoming stable version.

After launching Android 13, QPR1 beta, the new software parcels information about the next Pixel Feature Drop update. Now, Google has teased people that the officials are focusing on the operating system with other fabulous and much-needed updates. To accomplish the goal and to check whether all the features are working efficiently, the Android 13 QPR1 beta is rolled out for compatible mobile phones. Yet, Android 13 was made available earlier for all smartphones supporting pixel.

The Esper Senior Technical Editor Mishaal Rehman, in a group of tweets, said that google is putting on vigilance to numerous features adding to it; he also mentioned some rumoured updates, but we cannot see the elements in the Android 13 QPR1 beta update.

In the update, many improvisations and fixes have been made while succeeding users with some new and exciting features that include clear calling facilities, new Battery Health settings, and much more, so let’s converse about the update in detail to make techies satisfied.

Android 13 Qpr1 Beta Update New Features

In the past, if you were tolerating background noises bothering you on a call, then in the new Android 13 QPR1 Beta update, a clear calling option is added to diminish the noises. Further, the feature will work for most mobile networks. Still, one cannot take advantage of the feature while on a Wi-Fi call.

You can enable the crystal clear calling feature without any root simple by pursuing xthis shell command:

adb shell settings put global settings_enable_clear_calling true

Android 13 QPR1 Beta

Then you have to head towards settings, and then the sound and vibration bar will now see an option of clear calling, and you can enable it.

Even the new setting page will show input about battery health, whether low, peak or stable. It will provide some more valuable information related to health factors. Jabbing on its UI, the UI is now cleaner and more attractive than before.

An updated Pixel Recorder app is fitted in the Android 13 QPR1 Beta, and now the app will accommodate more controls in it with a more prominent play/pause button and freshly added Safety Center that will help in maintaining better privacy than before.

The safety centre is a Privacy and security setting section that is blessed with some high-tech features that are being appreciated a lot all over the internet. Better support for spatial audio, desktop mode added with new and quick Settings, and Bluetooth LE Audio will make a tech geek blush secretly.

For screen savers, a few quick settings are added to fix the issue related to Fingerprint Unlock and System UI Crashes. Even the “Currently recording” bug reported is now solved in the update with some changes on the notes.

Currently, the Android 13 QPR1 is solely launched for Pixel 4a (4G and 5G), the Pixel 5a, the Pixel 6a, the Pixel 5, the Pixel 6, and the Pixel 6 Pro. Coming on the stable version of Android 13 QPR1, it’s confirmed that it will not be launched before December 2022.

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