Redmi 13 C Camera Review

Redmi 13 C Camera Rear Camera: Main: 50MP sensor Secondary: 2MP depth sensor (no ultrawide) Front Camera: – 5MP AI sensor

The front houses a 5MP AI selfie camera, which, despite its modest resolution, can capture vibrant and detailed shots under the right conditions.

During my time with the Redmi 13C 5G, I observed that the camera software tends to favour high saturation, resulting in images with a warm, maroonish tint.

I also put a workaround to enhance sharpness in images by activating night mode even in well-lit conditions.

While the dynamic range and focus speed could be improved, especially in lower light conditions, the night mode performance itself was commendable, effectively retaining colours and details without significant blowouts.

However, when it comes to real low-light photography, the phone presents more challenges, with a noticeable reduction in colour vibrancy and an increase in noise.

Check Redmi 13 C  Daylight and Night Video Samples