Nothing's CMF Launches 'Wonderful by Design' Campaign Across India

CMF by Nothing Launches ‘Wonderful by Design’ Campaign CMF Phone 1, CMF Watch Pro 2, and CMF Buds Pro 2. Brand video features actress Rashmika Mandanna.

– Rashmika discovers a glowing button in a London Underground station. – Leads to a secret doorway into the CMF Lab.

Inside the CMF Lab – Inside the stylized R&D facility. – Engineers and designers create exceptional products. – Lab emphasizes forward-thinking, quality, and design innovat

Product Placement – Products placed in vending machines. – Designed to reach consumers easily. – Rashmika’s journey highlights product innovation.

‘Wonderful by Design’ Campaign Vision – Campaign reflects CMF by Nothing’s design process and products. – Pranay Rao emphasizes democratizing technology. – Excellent products at accessible prices without compromising on quality.