Ford Mustang Gets a Four-Door Makeover, Prioritizes Performance

Ford Confirms 4-Door Mustang: Here's What We Know Get ready for a whole new kind of Mustang! Ford has confirmed they're developing a 4-door version of the iconic muscle car.

Staying True to Mustang Heritage The 4-door Mustang will be the first of its kind, but Ford assures fans it will stay true to the Mustang's legendary performance and character. "We will never build a Mustang that isn't a Mustang," said Ford CEO Jim Farley.

Performance and Affordability Ford plans to offer a range of "authentic" combustion engine variants for the 4-door Mustang. They're also committed to keeping the classic Mustang coupe affordable for traditional buyers.

Lighter is Faster To boost performance across the board, Ford is focusing on making Mustangs lighter. Development for weight reduction is already underway.

Ford Mustang: A Global Icon The Mustang is a global phenomenon. This 4-door variant could be another hit, especially in markets that value practicality alongside muscle car flair.